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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rexona: Do The Moves with Sarah Geronimo, Enrique Gil and Elmo Magalona

This generation’s troop of teens are constantly tuned in to what’s hip, and in the recent weeks there’s been a fresh new song that has been tickling their fancy. You may have heard it on the radio, on your favorite music channel, on blogs, or you may have come across a tweet or two about it.

Do The Moves, the new single featuring Sarah Geronimo,, Enrique Gil and Elmo Magalona, is definitely a song that will make you get on your feet and dance to the beat. More than anything, however, it carries a strong and inspiring message that aims to empower today’s generation¬¬— on confidence and self expression. Sarah Geronimo danced to the beat of

Last March 16 at Glorietta Activity Center, Palm drive,  fans witnessed the new ambassadors for Rexona; Do The Moves, Feeling so Fresh, Feeling so Fly as Sarah Geronimo, Enrique Gil and Elmo Magalona danced and gyrated to this catchy beat, this is the newest theme song for Rexona's summer campaign which target teens of this new generation.

“Song and dance is always a good way to appeal to teens, especially with the rising popularity of dance music. It’s a really fun and upbeat song that, I hope, will get people dancing and encourage them to Do the Moves and Do More,” said Rexona brand Manager, Mar Corazo.

Confidence, doing more and staying fresh are what Rexona has been inspiring individuals to do. For teens, amidst battling insecurities and growing pains, confidence is most essential. Rexona’s new Do More endorsers Sarah, Apl, Enrique and Elmo, will play a huge part in being role models to Filipino teens today. By encouraging people to join their movement with this song, they will be able to excite teens to dance, express themselves and do more. This is especially relevant because it’s a really good way for teens to be active this summer.

“We wanted to impart the importance of daily hygiene to teens in a fun and exciting way,” said Corazo.

Utilizing dance as a vehicle to drive a strong commitment to proper personal care, Rexona created dance moves which they coined “pa simple moves” as a simple and fun way for teens to check that they are always dry and fresh.

Corazo said, “This comes from the insight that people do check their underarms subtly, or the term pa-simple in Filipino.”

Together with this initiative, Rexona is also planning to launch the country’s biggest Teen Dance Competition, which will involveon-going dance tours, an audition process, elimination rounds and a finale pegged to commence in July.

Rexona provides unbeatable protection from sweat and odor so that you can Do More confidently. With Rexona confidence, teens will feel like nothing can hold them back from doing more, and most importantly have fun with their barkada.

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