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Monday, March 24, 2014

Join the Nurture Run: Keeping It Real on Breastfeeding Awareness

Did you know that colostrum in breast milk, which is yellowish and creamy in color, is high in protein, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and immunoglobulins.  These are antibodies that pass from the mother to the baby and provide passive immunity for the baby, and protects the baby from a wide variety of bacterial and viral illnesses. With that, Breastmilk is still best for babies, in keeping with the thrust to promote, support and protect the rights of the breastfeeding mother and child. Beauty, Brains and Breastfeeding is organizing the Nurture Run, one of the biggest breastfeeding awareness initiatives in the country to date.

Ms. Iza Abeja, Executive Director of Beauty, Brains and Breastfeeding, shares that proceeds of the Nurture Run will go to mobilizing skilled counselors, sustaining mommy groups and organizing breastfeeding awareness activities as well as supporting Milk Banks through Milk Letting Days.

Ms. Iza Abeja (Beauty, Brains and Breastfeeding Executive Director)

Join the “Nurture Run: Awareness for breastfeeding during Emergency and in the workplace” — on April 13, 2014 at Quezon Memorial Circle, to promote, support and protect the rights of the breastfeeding mother and child. It covers 3km and 5km  options with race kits costing PHP 450.00 inclusive of the race bib and Nurture Run Shirt. The event is co-presented by UNICEF, International Labour Organization (ILO), National Nutrition Cluster group for Haiyan/Yolanda and  Department of Health (DOH) in coordination with venue-host the Quezon City Government.

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