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Friday, March 7, 2014

#SunsilkHairkada with Sarah Geronimo, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Julia Montes

Fun and adventure begins with the #SunsilkHairkada

Girls  were treated to a night of fun, pampering and adventure at a recent #SunsilkHairkada event. There were booths provided to style  your crowning glory and explore your creativity. You could style and put blings on headbands and flipflops of your choice. The good thing is you can bring home your own creation afterwards. As everyone is excited to witness the new endorsers of  #SunsilkHairkada.

 Fun, spirited and outgoing – these are the words that aptly describe young ladies of today. They love to bond with their close friends by embarking on new adventures and pursuing shared passions. They are keen on trying out new things and find ultimate fun in all-day adventures with nothing to hold them back.

Yet, there are times when outgoing girls are hesitant to join the fun, especially when their hair is not on their side. Sports, shopping and even taking a stroll outdoors can take its toll on hair at the end of the day.  Good thing there is a trusted haircare brand like Sunsilk for every barkada that allows them to be carefree and to enjoy all day bonding with smooth and fragrant hair.

These bonding moments are in sync with the lifestyle of three of today’s hottest young stars who, together, make up the most sensational barkada in town. The #SunsilkHairkada is comprised of pop princess Sarah Geronimo, the chic and sassy Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and primetime princess Julia Montes.

Despite their hectic schedules, each young lady never fails to find time to indulge in what pretty lasses their age love to do – to take a moment to be spontaneous, expect the unexpected, and have fun pursuing new adventures, without compromising their beautiful hair.

Sarah, Jasmine and Julia are just among the thousands of young girls who are rearing to follow their passions and go for an adventure. Fortunately, Sunsilk’s promise of smooth and fragrant hair all day never fails to bring out the fun and adventurous side of these three women. “Sunsilk’s Smooth and Manageable contains 5 natural oils that deeply nourish each strand leaving your hair smooth and fragrant from day to night. So now, hairkadas like Sarah, Jasmine and Julia can stay out under the sun, go to crowded places, even venture out to new locales without worrying about how their hair will look or smell every minute,” says Sunsilk Brand Manager Ann Esteves.

Sunsilk aims to inspire barkadas all over the country to take on every adventure that comes their way with great hair as their ally. Just like Sarah, Jasmine and Julia, there is no stopping hairkadas from pursuing their goals together, now that they have help from Sunsilk.  Girls can now leave their worries behind and enjoy life to the fullest.

Get to know our #SunsilkHairkada

Sarah’s shining star

The country’s pop princess is no stranger to adventures. Looking at the milestones of her illustrious career is like reading an adventure book itself – from her humble beginning as a contestant in a singing competition to a string of record-breaking concerts, sell-out albums and box office hits. Sarah’s never-ending adventure goes on even after the klieg lights are turned off. Behind the camera, Sarah loves to dine out and watch movies with her close friends. She even throws movie marathon sessions in her place from time to time. She also loves to travel and hike up a mountain or two whenever her hectic schedule permits. Whether giving a stellar performance or trekking a beaten path, Sarah is confident that her hair stays smooth and fragrant with Sunsilk. Sarah and Sunsilk do make good music together – always in harmony whether she’s on top of the concert stage or a scenic mountain.

Jasmine on the rise

Jasmine has definitely stepped out from the shadows of her celebrated big sister, as she is currently being groomed by her home network to be one of its primetime stars. She surely has what it takes to be a star in her own rights, given her talent and captivating screen presence. Her dedication to her craft is also reflected on her passion to pursue her interests with her friends. Jasmine never fails to see the hottest concerts in town, loves to take fun pictures with her friends, and takes good care of herself through Pilates. Always on the go, the energetic young actress keeps her hair on check with Sunsilk. She loves the way it leaves her hair smooth with long lasting fragrance. With Sunsilk as her constant hairkada, Jasmine can only agree that pictures may fade, but having smooth and fragrant hair all day never goes out of style.

Julia’s coming of age

Julia first graced local television screens as a child performer, playing bit roles in soap operas until she became one of the cast members of a children’s gag show, where she made a name for herself. Her legions of followers have seen her grow from a bubbly little girl to a sophisticated young lady, playing lead roles opposite some of the biggest stars in show business today. Her taste for what’s hot and what’s not might have changed over the years, but her gusto for good food never wavered. Julia is still adventurous when it comes to trying out epicurean delights. She is more than willing to try out a new restaurant, scout a food bazaar and even check out a night market for a delicious find.  Despite spending hours outdoors, Julia is confident that her hair is still smooth and fragrant, thanks to Sunsilk.

The #SunsilkHairkada bandwagon   

Sarah, Jasmine and Julia invite hairkadas all over the country to leave their hair worries behind and embark on a fun-filled adventure. The #SunsilkHairkada philosophy believes that every young girl should be able to live out their passions with the confidence that smooth and fragrant hair can bring. It’s the same philosophy that keeps the winning trio of Sarah, Jasmine and Julia on the go and ever ready to take on the challenges set before them.

It’s high time to get barkadas together and brace for an epic adventure. The #SunsilkHairkada celebrates the joys of being young, free, and more importantly, having hair that stays smooth and fragrant all day, which is every young girl’s greatest dream.

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