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Monday, May 1, 2017

B Hotel QC: A Concept Whose Time Has Come

Find a most unusual look and design for a hotel at the newly opened B Hotel QC. The mid-scale businessman’s hotel lodged at 14 Scout Rallos St. possesses its own brand of style and gloss that one must see to appreciate.

Stark and Bold
Credit goes to the fast-forward thinking of B Hotel’s managing director Ryan Chan who approved the architectural and interior design proposal of multi-awarded architect Edward Co Tan for the hotel.

 “We wanted something different for the aesthetics of our new branch.  The hotel’s distinctly rugged texture will surely be a welcome change for businessmen and the locals,” Mr. Chan said.

 The main concept behind B Hotel QC was based on “Brutalism,” a profound movement in architecture—a modernist style prominent from the 1950s through the 70s.  Monolithic, geometric sometimes jarring, blocky in appearance, fortress-like—these mostly describe this concrete-based style of architectural design.  The Cultural Center of the Philippines and the PICC (or the Philippine International Convention Center), both designed by the late National Artist for Architecture Leandro Locsin, are perfect examples.  Essentially, brutalist architecture is a no-nonsense style—plain, no mystery, no romanticism.

At B Hotel QC, one will get to see walls of fair-faced concrete, cogwheels at the elevator lobby, and signage made of raw black iron sheets with allen bolts.  Modern furniture, the use of wood and glass complements, carpets of striking colors and patterns, and red-painted walls, however, add a touch of warmth and buoyancy.

The Unbeaten Path
Notwithstanding the hotel’s distinctive ambiance brought about by its extraordinary interiors, the 11-storey B Hotel has a lot of things going for it.  Its location, for one, is very advantageous as it brings one ever closer to his favorite shopping malls, restaurants and coffee shops in Quezon City as well as transit stations for traveling outside the city.

 Local businessmen and traveling executives as well as so-called “weekender tourists” (people living nearby and in adjoining cities that are always on the lookout for their next staycation) welcome the opening of the mid-scale hotel.

After-Hour Convenience

B Hotel QC has a complete roster of in-house amenities:  An al fresco lap pool with a stunning view of the North Metro, a refined ballroom with a 200-seating capacity, and the Jing Monis salon, the newest branch of the sought-after beauty stylist, can all be found at the third floor. Fitness buffs can get their workout fix at the modern, fully-equipped gym at the fifth floor.

Entering through the main entrance, one can immediately see the options for quenching one’s thirst or hunger: The Lobby Café for a taste of the hotel’s creative take on cuisines, the Pastry Corner where one can indulge in decadent sweets, or the Mezzanine Bar for unwinding with friends or associates.

The Business Center has two function rooms for private group meetings.  Shuttle service to the airport is available as well as car rentals.  For guests with cars, parking will not be a problem as two levels of the basement are allotted for the purpose.

Guests’ safety and well-being is assured with CCTV; every care has been taken to ensure that there are no blind spots on the property.  Security personnel are top-notch yet discreet.

Beyond the Basics
B Hotel’s managing director Ryan Chan believes that a great business hotel should go beyond the basics. “We believe that focus on guest experience and satisfaction is the new business amenity.”

The measure of an outstanding hotel experience dwells not only in the appreciation of its outward beauty, but in its brand of personalized service.  Mr. Chan assures the entire family of B Hotel QC is dedicated to "raise the brand's commitment-to-value to a new level."  The entire staff of B Hotel QC is dedicated in providing guests the ultimate living experience through sincere personal attention to their needs and expectations.

The new B Hotel QC is predicted to create a great impact in the hospitality world. For more information, call the B Hotel Q.C. at tel. no. 990-5000.

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