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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The must have card for the PRO Makeup Maven

I first learned how to do my own make up when I started working at a hospital. 

Hospitals aren't exactly known for being a happy place and I'm pretty sure its the last thing you'd want to be in (unless of course you are having a baby)

Somehow you get a sense of gloom from all the pale and sickly patients waiting for their turn to talk to their doctors. 

SM Beauty Section

Lifestyle Blogger Martin Andrade and SM Top Makeup Artist/Influencer Jigs Mayuga

I was assigned at the admitting section then, and I would always put on a red lipstick--make that a shiny bright red lipstick--Think MAC Russian Red. A swipe of NARS Orgasm on my cheeks, and a Maybelline mascara to wake up my tired eyes. 

I didn't do it on purpose at first, but when I started getting compliments from the doctors and even from the sick patients, I knew that my red lips somehow kinda lifted their spirits and put a smile on their faces.

Back then i could only afford drugstore makeups and it was my sister who introduced me to high end makeups like  MAC make up palette and lipsticks, CLINIQUE Black Honey lipstick when she got me some as a pasalubong.  

As the years went by, my knowledge and fascination for makeup grew, and I started to collect at least one piece from my favorite brands. I spent more time in the beauty section carefully studying each item and soon I discovered affordable and quality drugstore makeup finds like NYX, BYS, Pixi, Sleek and OFRA lipsticks. 

Now the good thing is that I dont have to buy them from different stores or order them online or from friends abroad as I used to before, all thanks to the renovation of the SM Makati Beauty section. 

The entire section was given a facelift and its become a destination of sorts for women who are looking for the latest in makeup from the most affordable to high end brands such as like MAC, Clinique, DIOR and (my favorite skincare brand!) Kiehls.

The SM Store Beauty has become my one-stop beauty department store and since there is also a Watsons store where I buy my vitamins like Berocca, Fern-C, and Cosmoskin glutathione, i dont have to go anywhere else.

Recently I discovered that I wasnt the only one fascinated by the sheer number of brands at the Sm Beauty store. It seems even the most popular celebrity stylists also choose SM for all their makeup needs.

I got to meet some of my favorites such as Jigs Mayuga, Jing Monis, Gela Laurel,  Bambbi Fuentes as SM launched the SM PRO CARD thru SM Beauty Glam Session.

Gela Laurel-Stehmeier

Model Irina Zinchenko, Make Up Artist ... Nubla, Sandra Ma and Zidjian Floro

The first SM PRO CARD is a discount card for makeup artists which entitles them to a 10% discount for purchases at the SM Beauty Section.

Glam Session Host Shamcee Supsup

The launch was attended by the Top Makeup Artists, celebrities, beauty bloggers and hosted by Ms. Bianca Valero and Shamcee Supsup.

Makeup artists know where to go when they need something for their clients and that’s The SM Store Beauty Section, the Philippines’ biggest beauty retailer. From the dazzling interiors to the sheer amount of global brands at your fingertips, SM Beauty lives up to its status as a haven for women longing for a unique beauty experience.

For 2017, makeup artists took part in a fabulous Glam Session at the SM Beauty Section of SM Makati. Guests got a peek of what’s hot right now and what to look forward to in the coming seasons in terms of makeup. Over 200 of the best makeup artists in the Philippines were in attendance during the event, which also served as a shopping party for them.

SM Beauty Glam Session was more than an event filled with beauty and glamor. It celebrated the long and solid relationship and association between SM Beauty and these makeup artists. Each makeup artist present during the event received an SM Beauty PRO-Card, which entitles him or her to a 10% discount for purchases at the SM Beauty Section. Further, the PRO-Card holders enjoy perks from the store, such as first dibs on new collections and exclusive invite to events.
Alexa Ilacad

The SM Store Beauty Section is the biggest beauty store in country offering “So Much Beauty” with the widest range of cosmetics and fragrance products in the country. The flagship store in SM Makati spans almost 2,500 square meters, housing almost 200 of the most esteemed local and global beauty brands.

The Cosmetics and Skin section are aglow with brands like Dior, MAC, Clinique, Aveda, Kiehl's, Glamglow and so much more. The luxury fragrance line up boasts of Prada, Nest, Lalique, Atelier Colognes, Thiery Mugler, Guerlain & Jean Patou among others. At SM Beauty, you can also find your favorite masstige brands, including BYS, Happy Skin, Pixi, Ofra, K-Palette, Nyx, The Body Shop and more.

Explore the world at SM Beauty, which offers the best of the best from makeup to skin care to fragrance brands. Play with textures and colors as you find your perfect look.

SM Advantage, Prestige and BDO Rewards Card holders also get exclusive discounts and promos at the The SM Store Beauty Section.

SM Beauty Glam Session was co presented by BYS Cosmetics. Other brand sponsors include LA Girl, Max Factor, Covergirl, Maybelline, NYX, Features & Shades, Happy Skin, Burts Bees, Hask, Real Techniques, Eco Tools, Watsons, Purederm and Miine. The event was also presented by Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden and Shiseido.

Follow SM Beauty on and @smbeautyph on Instagram.



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  4. It's incredible how sometimes the smallest actions, like mastering the art of doing your makeup, can inject a ray of light into an otherwise challenging environment. Your insight into the atmosphere of hospitals is poignant, yet it's admirable how you've discovered a way to infuse a sense of brightness into your daily routine amidst such surroundings. If you're looking to delve deeper into such transformative abilities, you might even consider exploring or buy persuasive essay that elaborates on this concept.

  5. As a PRO Makeup Maven, I'm in awe of the SM Store Beauty Section. It's like stepping into a beauty wonderland with so much to offer. From Dior to MAC, and even masstige brands like Happy Skin and Pixi, it's truly a one-stop-shop for all my beauty needs. And the best part? I can easily Pay For Dissertation Online and still have enough to indulge in my love for beauty products. Truly, it's a haven for beauty enthusiasts like me!


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