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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Experience hassle-free digital transactions with UnionBank’s new e-money account

The all-new EON, an e-money account powered by UnionBank, makes every transaction easier by pioneering 'Selfie Banking' here in the Philippines through a top-of-the-line biometric authentication system. This eliminates the hassle of remembering complicated passwords while keeping the accounts more secure.

Aside from being the first of its kind in the country, the new e-money account also puts premium in the customer journey – and the most important thing is to make it accessible and convenient while making ensuring the security of your account.

From the start, EON makes getting an account as simple as dropping by the nearest convenience store—no queues, no fuss, and with little effort involved. All you need to do is go to the nearest 7-Eleven, shell out ₱150 and you're able to get the EON Starter Kit with your very own EON card with an initial load of₱50.

You can also buy it in bulk online, through Lazada. With EON being available in convenience stores and online, getting an account is a breeze and now there’s no need for you to spend countless hours in line just to fill out frustratingly long forms.

After purchasing your EON Starter Kit, you can now enjoy the most convenient digital banking experience that you'll get. Download the EON app in your Android or iOS device, fill in your account details and, voila, you can now use your app to transact online.

To know more about how EON enhances your digital banking experience,, follow on Facebook ( and Twitter (@eonbankph).

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