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Friday, May 19, 2017

Essilor launches Bolon eyewear to the Philippines

Italian-designed leading affordable luxury eyewear is now in the Philippines! Introduced by Essilor, the world’s leading ophthalmic optics company, Bolon premium eyewear, known for its elegance, high quality and functionality, has been launched in Metro Manila and is now available in select optical shops.

Bolon is recognized for its unique and stylish designs as well as its ingenuity in protecting the eyes against harmful rays of the sun. The Bolon brand redefines the modern aesthetic to meet the standards of today’s chic consumers, at the same time maintaining its functionality and elegance.

“We are pleased and enthusiastic to launch Bolon in the Philippines,” remarks Dr. Emelita Roleda, Essilor Philippines general manager. “With Bolon®, Filipinos now have access to premium, affordable luxury sunglasses and eyewear.”

Combining both science and art in each eyewear, Bolon is not only a fashion statement because of its exquisite designs. Its high-definition polarized lenses have E-SPF technology to ensure the highest level of comfort and protection. It is also made from Italian “Mazzucchelli” acetate, renowned for its outstanding colors and textures, as well as from Swiss-made memory resin, well-known for supreme resistance and lightness.

Bolon is indeed a top-notch eyewear that captivates even Oscar and Emmy award winner, Anne Hathaway, who is its brand ambassador. Epitomizing youth, style, and glamor, the Interstellar actress perfectly embodies the high quality of Bolon sunglasses and prescription frames.

With 85% brand recognition level and 30% market share in Asia, Bolon already has a strong presence across the region. It has also been massively distributed to major global hubs and airports, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, and Tokyo. Recently, the brand made a successful move to expand to the Middle East and UK markets.

Learn more about Bolon by visiting your preferred eye care professional or leading optical shop nationwide.


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