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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kris Aquino and Moms Unite Against Wound Infection

If you are a stay-at-home mom and you have little kids to attend to. I assumed you have a First-Aid kit for tuck somewhere inside your home. I remember the time when my kids, now all grown-ups, used to have wounds, cuts and scrapes for too much playing in the neighborhood. I used to wash their wounds with running water and put an ointment that my mother trusted for years, Fucidin. It was the only ointment that I have used for my kids wounds, with cover,  it would heal up 5 to 7 days. That's why we never ran out of Fucidin ointment at home.  And its available over-the-counter at your nearest drugstore. No need for prescription, but if the wounds get infected, that's the only time we visit the Family physician.

Kris Aquino hosts Fucidin's Moms Unite Against Wound Infection presscon on May 2 at Ascott, BGC. The event was attended by Dr. Empress Eliza C. Carlos-Villapando, M.D., DPPS; Gitte Pugholm Aabo, CEO and President of LEO Pharma, Magazine Editor, Lifestyle Writer/Blogger Ms. Frances Sales, mommy bloggers and media.

(L-R) Dr. Irene L. Gardiner Medical Engagement Manager for South Asia at Leopharma; Frances Amper-Sales, Magazine Editor, Lifestyle Writer/Blogger; Dr. Empress Eliza C. Carlos-Villapando, M.D., DPPS; Gitte Pugholm Aabo, CEO and President of LEO Pharma ; and TV Show Host Kris Aquino.

The presscon was educational and informative. Everyone shared their experience with Fucidin including Kris.

Kris Aquino goes full force against wound infection with Fucidin. Kris is well known as a celebrity mother who cares for her sons’ health and wellbeing. “I have two boys and when they get a cut or a wound, I clean it with soap and water for 15 seconds. Then, I apply Fucidin agad,” she says. “Fucidin is part of our wound care kit!”

Children are exposed to different types of wounds and scrapes because of their daily activities. Even in the most harmless-looking places, no matter how hard parents try to protect them, they can still get hurt.

Moms need to make sure the wound doesn’t get infected.  Infection occurs when bacteria enters the wound through a break on one’s skin. Bacteria may spread and lead to more serious diseases. Usually, the immediate response is to wash a wound well with soap and water. But cleaning may not be enough. It is also essential to apply a topical antibiotic like Fucidin at the first sign of wound infection.

Fusidic acid/sodium fusidate Fucidin is a powerful antibiotic that is clinically proven against wound infection. It is fast-acting, working on the infection 2 minutes upon application and deep-penetrating, reaching the skin’s deepest layer 30 minutes after application. It also helps prevent bacteria from spreading.

Fucidin comes in two variants. Fucidin cream is ideal for exposed parts of the body like the face and hands, while Fucidin ointment is ideal for dry, scaly or cracked lesions.

Like Kris, stock up on Fucidin and don’t take chances. Join the fight against wound infection! Fucidin is available in leading drugstores nationwide.

Fucidin is from LEO Pharma, a Danish pharmaceutical company with a mission to help people achieve healthy skin. LEO Pharma is the pioneer in the development of fusidic acid. It has a wide range of products that are marketed in over 100 countries. LEO Pharma has more than 100 years of trusted heritage worldwide.

Fusidic acid/sodium fusidate is the generic name of Fucidin.  Fucidin is available in leading drugstores nationwide.

If symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.


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