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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Isaribi Japanese Restaurant is now open at Scout Lozano Tomas Morato

If you are a fan of Japanese food like me, think sushi, raw fish and seafood rolled with rice and vegetables into colorful delicious goodness, ramen, maki, yakitori, fresh oysters and takoyaki! Say Oishii!! おいしい

Honestly, I could live eating sushi alone. That's why I am on a haunt for a good Japanese Restaurant along Manila and QC.  It was just timely that I had an invite to visit Isaribi Japanese Restaurant in Tomas Morato for that authentic sushi, sashimi, shrimp, yakiniku, wagyu beef and takoyaki experience at an affordable price.

I had an invite together with selected bloggers to try out Isaribi Japanese Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Manila on May 12.  Isaribi is their second branch, the main restaurant is located in Makati. We got to taste some california maki, sushi, takoyaki, fresh oysters and a raw seafood boat plate full of tuna, salmon, sea urchin, shrimps, wasabi, lemon and soy sauce and the melt-in-your-mouth wagyu beef. 

I got to try my personal favorite Takoyaki at php200 an order. They cooked it right before our eyes.  I love that it has an "inviting" takoyaki authentic aroma to it. Maybe its the spicy mayonnaise or the dashi. As the waitress dropped octopus pieces in the batter in each hole, and sprinkled chopped green onions and ginger all over the pan. I got myself some fresh oysters and grilled it while waiting for takoyaki.

Takoyaki Php200
This is my personal favorite aside from maki and sushi. It has that distinct squid takoyaki taste topped with bonito flakes and a special sauce, paired with spicy mayonnaise. Best served hot.

The name Isaribi is a light or lamp in Japan that fishermen use in fishing. Like a lamp, Isaribi Japanese Restaurant gives light to everyone who seeks authentic Japanese Cuisine.

They outsourced their fresh seafood in Japan. Fresh fish like Salmon, Tuna and shells like oysters. The oysters were all fresh and good. They also serve Japanese liquor.

They also have ramen with miso and shiyo as based soup. But we werent able to taste that one up. They didnt serve ramens or cooked food during the launch. We ate raw seafood the whole time.

Isaribi is open from 11AM to 1AM. They serve unlimited rice during lunch hour. For birthdays, baptism or any intimate occasion. They have a Function Room that can accommodate 20 to 30 persons.

Isaribi Restaurant is located at 113 Belfrant Parking Bldg, Scout Lozano


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