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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Meet Janine Khazaie, The Mom Boss Behind MassageMNL

It's the new age and women leaders are proving that gender is no hindrance to achieving your dreams.  

Meet Janine Khazaie, The Mom Boss Behind MassageMNL. She started the specialized home-service massage business in the country and is now serving countless customers all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces. 


Established in October 2019 offering specialized home service massages MassageMNL operates in Metro Manila cities and nearby provinces. The company offers pre-natal, post-natal, lactation, lymphatic drainage, sports, myofascial, signature, baby, kiddie massage. They also offer premium massages like swedish, combination, foot reflexology, deep tissue, ventosa and hot stone.


Janine recalls starting MassageMNL after giving birth to her son Ethan. She shares that it was a very difficult and financially challenging time. She remembers how she and her husband Bobby had almost emptied their savings for medical bills and to support her preterm labor. Though Janine has her online beauty business called Pink Beautiq and Bobby is working for a private company, she shares that they have been personally running MassageMNL on the side. Bobby is the one driving around the then 4 therapists and Janine was the operators and oversees the whole business. She recalls personally handing out fliers to promote MassageMNL while waiting for their therapists to finish their appointments.


One of the earliest struggles of Janine was getting kicked out of their condo when MassageMNL was just starting out. They were many complaints in the property because they used their unit as the brand's staff house and office. After 3 months, they moved to the MassageMNL staffhouse and continued their business.


Being in the massage service industry, MassageMNL was no stranger to clients asking for 'extra service'. Janine knew that this is going to be a difficult task to change other people's perception of massage services in the country. She was determined to make MassageMNL a brand known for its quality specialized massages and to uplift the industry into a leader in wellness.


Fast forward 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic happened and MassageMNL has to shut down and follow government mandate. Janine never thought that it would be hurdle after hurdle and she wanted to make sure that the MassageMNL staff, who she treated as family, will still be able to provide for their own families. This is when MNL riders came about.


MNL riders on Facebook are composed of MassageMNL motorcycle service riders who can help with pabili service, delivery and errands during the brand's hiatus. Each rider can earn from the group and continue with their livelihood.


The pandemic also challenged Janine to maintain the brand's relationship with its loyal customers. She made sure that stricter health protocols are in place for the safety of its clients and staff once they are allowed to open again. MassageMNL therapists are serviced by private vehicles to and from their clients, they also present their updated health clearances, wears PPE's, gets regularly tested and now, all fully-vaccinated. 


Since MassageMNL's most popular service is pre-natal and post-natal massage, they made sure that they take extra precaution against COVID-19. Their staff are all in-house at their staff house and are regularly checked or symptoms or any health concern.


Janine shares that even though the pandemic has been difficult for MassageMNL, they will not stop creating plans and new services that people would love. She makes sure that MassageMNL will adapt to the times and lead the industry with progressive massage services with utmost quality. 


When asked where she sees MassageMNL in 10 years, she answered quickly that the brand will be servicing the whole Philippines and maybe other countries as well. 


There are no stopping women who wants to make a name for themselves, Janine is just one example of an amazing woman who is out to change the industry. Though hurdles come and go, Janine continue to navigate these difficult times and make sure that MassageMNL will continue to be the country's top specialized home-service massage brand.


  1. I really agree thag gender is no hindrance to achieving our dreams because I believe that what all matters is how hard do we work for our dreams jist like what Miss Janine Khazaie did. This is a really nice motivation for all of us to stay focused to our dreams. Because, nothing is impossible if you work hard for it.🤗

  2. Nakaka inspire po ang story ni ms janine na kahit nagkaroon ng pandemic at talagang isa din sa mga naapektuhan ay ang mga business na tulad ng massage. So nice dahil hindi po sya sumuko at bumangon po sya ulit. Very inspiring woman 🥰

  3. Love this. Janine Khazaie is inspiring and admirable. I love how determined and dedicated she is. She is someone you can look up to, she managed to emerge despite that challenges

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