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Friday, July 30, 2021

Cebu Pacific Official Advisory Announcement Release

The Philippine government, through the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) Resolution No 130-A, has placed the NCR Plus Area under a more stringent General Community Quarantine (GCQ) with Heightened Restrictions (GCQ-HR) from July 30 to August 5, 2021, and on a two-week Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) beginning August 6 until August 20, 2021.  


Only essential travel will be allowed beginning today, July 30, 2021 until August 20, 2021.  


As of this time, Cebu Pacific will continue to operate flights as scheduled until August 5, 2021. 


However, passengers who wish to postpone their domestic flights and those traveling for non-essential reasons until August 20 may cancel up to two (2) hours before their scheduled time of departure, and may select their preferred option through the Manage Booking portal on the Cebu Pacific website (  


1. Rebook 

Rebook for travel within 60 days no additional cost, following CEB’s permanent removal of change fees. Fare difference waived.  


2. Travel Fund  

Store the amount in a virtual CEB wallet valid for two (2) years and use this to either book a new flight or pay for add-ons (e.g. baggage allowance, seat selection, etc.)  

Passengers are  advised to update   their contact  details via receive email notifications on flight reminders and updates.   


Before going to the airport, passengers are advised to check  the travel requirements, safety protocols, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the CEB website:    


Cebu Pacific will provide the latest updates o on Cebu Pacific operations in the succeeding days.  


For  other questions or   concerns, passengers  may  send  a  message  via  Charlie the  chat bot  on the Cebu Pacific website, or  through CEB’s official Facebook and Twitter account pages.  


  1. Great Reminders, thanks for sharing this Ms. Lou, truly Dami pong matutuwa Nito, Specially sa Mga gstong MagTatravel sa kani-kanilang Province or Balik Manila ... Cebu Pacific is one of the Best Airline Ever ✈✈

  2. Very helpful information.thank you for sharing Ms.Lou it may help to those who are planning for non essential traveling. They must cancelled thier schedule before because of the 2 weeks Enhanced Community quarantine in NCR.

  3. So nice po talaga nitong Cebu Pacific.. Thankyou for sharing this ms Lou. Magandang paalala po ito .

  4. These are very helpful and important to know ,lalo na ngaun ,we are relying on their further announcement towards our schedules and appointment, this is a great option for us biyahero .

  5. Cebu Pacific has great options for those who will cancel their flights.This would help customers not to worry and confused about their schedules.What a great customer service they can offer.Cebu Pacific is the best😍

  6. Talagang napakahalaga na sumunod tayo sa mga rules and protocols and so nice dahil allowed padin ang travel basta its important. Kudos to cebu pacific 👍


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