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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Tips on How to Achieve Perfect Skin

Today its easy to find a lot of resources on the internet---and experts you can ask to help you on your quest to achieve skin perfection


The science behind skin-care products has come a long way but there's still no such thing as an instant fix to achieve flawless skin. And you have to start by understanding and knowing what kind of skin you have.

The skin is the largest organ of our body, spanning over a whopping 20 square feet. Using a complex system of, glands, fat, blood vessels and connective tissue, it is indispensable to the proper functioning of the human body. The skin protects us from microbes, the elements, helps regulate body temperature and regulates sensory responses to touch, heat and cold. Whilst preserving vital nutrients and chemicals in the body, it helps synthesize vitamin D and acts as a shield from harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. Skin color, texture and folds are aspects inextricably linked to our overall well-being and to a great extent our identity and individuality too. 


According to the website when it comes to classification, people are also categorized by the texture of their skin, such as oil, dry, or combination. This is important for dermatologists to recommend the best treatments for various skin conditions, including acne and dandruff. This classification usually refers to the skin on your face, though it sometimes matches the rest of your body as well. 


There are five main Skin types

Normal skin: Normal skin is neither too dry nor too oily, it’s not severely sensitive to anything, has barely visible pores, and can usually count on not having to deal with acne.


Oily skin: People with oily skin usually have enlarged pores and more overall sebum production than other types. 


The site says you’re going to want to use a gentle skin cleanser and not scrub, and wash your face no more than twice a day and after you sweat a lot. You’ll also need skincare and beauty products that are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores.


Dry skin: Dry skin has really tiny pores, almost invisible, and your skin can often look rough. It also feels less elastic, because of the decreased amount of sebum. Because of this, dry skin is especially susceptible to dry weather, especially in winters. It can become itchy or irritated and can develop cracks. 


Combination skin: It’s possible for your skin to be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others. Combination skin usually also features large pores (at least on the face), and therefore is susceptible to acne. It’s actually a fairly common skin type, and needs different care methods based on the type of skin and part of the body.


Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is less of a type classification and more a measure of how easily it can become inflamed. This can show up as everything from simple redness to a full-blown rash or burning and itchiness. If your skin seems to often become inflamed, it’s advisable to visit a dermatologist and find out what triggers or causing the situation and avoid them. 

Now that you can identify what type of skin you have, here’s a list on what you can do to achieve skin perfection .


1.     Listen to the professionals. Visit your dermatologist twice a month or when skin problems arise. If you don’t want to visit the hospital, because of pandemic, you can still do an online consultation. 

2.     Wash your face before you sleep, no matter how tired you are. Never sleep with your make-up on. 

3.     Always moisturize in the morning and evening. In my case, I always have my anti-aging serum applied before I go to sleep at night.

4.     Always use a sunblock even when indoors to fight against UV radiation. Your sunblock is your skins best friend. 

5.     Stay away from sunlight as UV radiation is stronger in the afternoon. 

6.     Apply skin products correctly, and what order works best, especially if youre a fan of K-Beauty products. Tone, moisturize, face mask and serum. 

7.     Exercise 30 minutes a day or do your yoga at the comfort of your room. 

8.     Skin care is also self care. So avoid stress. Emotional stress

 can actually cause skin problems. When you are stress free, it shows in your face.

9.     Eat your fruits and vegetables. Watch your food intake.

10.   Take the prescribed supplements  everyday to achieve flawless and melasma-free skin. 


So what is melasma. ? Melasma, or chloasma appears as dark, discolored patches on your skin. Though it can affect anyone, it’s much more common in women than men, with 90 percent of people suffering from it being female. This is especially true of women of Asian, African, and Hispanic descent.

Melasma also most often affects pregnant women, which is why it’s called the “mask of pregnancy”. Though a person’s genetic predisposition may be an underlying cause, it’s believed that your exposure to sun, skin irritation, and hormonal changes also play a big part.

The quest for skin perfection might not be easy and often times challenging, but knowing your skin type, understanding the common problems and discovering supplements like Pynocare can help make your goal a lot easier to achieve.

Pynocare Ingredients:

Procyanidin (French Maritime Pine Bark Extract)

= 24 mg.

Vitamin C ( as Ascorbic Acid)

= 60 mg.

Beta Carotene ( D. Salina extract)

= 6 mg.

d-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate (Natural Vitamin E) = 15 IU

 Be sure to check out for more articles and resources to help you.


  1. Very interesting and informative.I never into self care and this is an eye opener to me.Thanks for sharing this.

  2. we really need to take care of our skin. i like that you have listed and explained well the different skin types and how to achieve skin perfection based on it. skin perfection is really challenging especially if you have problems like this melasma. it is nice though that there is readily available supplements like pynocare that can help us achieve our goal easier.

  3. It's so sad some of us can't afford for dermatologist consultation kaya naman umaasa tayo sa pagsesearch online , unfortunately may mga lumalabas na fake news or wrong information kaya naman maganda Ang magbasa sa mga own experiences or Yun mga taong nakakaranas or naranasan Ang mga skin problems and with that shinashare nila sa madlang people and Malaking tulong ito na may kaakibat na solusyon.diba😊

  4. Done reading this blog po. Talagang we need to take care of our skin dahil kung hindi natin ito aalagaan maaaring magkaroon tayo Ng mga skin disease. Ako po momsh may melasma din sa may bandang ilong akala ko po nung una dungis lang kaso ayaw mawala tas Sabi ng friend ko melasma nga daw po. Thanks for sharing the tips po very helpful po talaga ito Lalo na sa katulad Kong may melasma 😊

  5. This is very informative and helpful especially if someone are planning to buy a skin care products. We should know our skin type to avoid skin irritation and remember healthy skin is essential for overall health. Frequent visits to the dermatologist help us keep our skin as healthy as it can possibly be. But not people can afford it, good to know what we can do to achieve skin perfection.

  6. I really love this tips on how to achieve a perfect skin. I know that almost all of us are dreaming to have or doing their best to achieve a perfect skin. Its really helpful that we are able to read and learn it here at your blog. I really agree that even though skin-care products has come a long way, there's still mo such thing as instant fix to achieve flawless skin. What we really need is to start understanding and knowing what kind of skin we have. This is really informative.

  7. I already read this blog, Very important na alagaan natin ang skin natin, para maiwasan natin ang pagkakaroon ng skin disease, kahit nasa bahay nalang tayo. Lalo na ngayong pandemic, wala rin naman tayong Ibang pinag kakaabalahan kaya ayus lang naman na ingatan natin ang skin natin. Ang hirap pa naman magkaroon ng melasma. At ayaw ko din talaga magkaroon nito. Sobrang laking tulong po nitong shinare nyo samin ng tips. Thankyou po.

  8. This is really nice, Helpful and Amazing Blog Mommy Lou, Sobrang thankful for sharing this, sonrang laking tulong po talaga nito for everyone na gsto maachieve ang Perfect skin, So glad That We have like this Supplement para mabilis nating maachieve ang skin na gsto natin, sobrang laking tulong po talaga nito lalo na ngayong pandemic at sa patuloy na paglabas natin, truly mabilis talagang dapuan ng dumi at bacteria ang ating mukha kaya madalas nagkakaron agad tayo ng mga skin promblem.. and sa tulong nitong product na to mapapanatili nating malinis at looks shining ang ating skin.. thanks once again for sharing this tips mom..


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