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Monday, July 26, 2021

#yeonjun recommended Timmy Albert's single, "Feelings"

Yeonjun is one-fifth of the Korean boy band Tomorrow x Together or more commonly known as TXT. During his livecast on July 21, 2021 he was asked about the songs he listens to these days 

and mentioned Timmy Albert’s single, “FEELINGS”. 

“This is the song I found while shooting… I listened to this song, and I liked it so much.. Kian ‘Every Hour’ and ‘FEELINGS’ by Timmy Albert. Please try these songs. They are so good” Yeonjun shared on VLive. 

Timmy Albert shared on Instagram his great delight upon hearing the news, “#yeonjun recommemnded my song??”

This 21-year-old singer-songwriter started his journey with Universal Records on May 2019. His current talk of the town single “FEELINGS” is part of his debut EP entitled “DISTANCED”. His music influences range from the classics - Madonna, Foreigner, Phil Collins, Richard Marx, to the modern sounds of joan, The 1975, and LANY.

Catch Timmy Albert’s “FEELINGS” now streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube and Spotify.


Stream “FEELINGS”:

Official Lyric Video | Spotify


Follow Timmy Albert:

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  1. Interesting on his journey to music and entertainment. He's literally unbelievably awesome and amazing for his type of music ,I find them relaxing and enjoyable

  2. Wow ang galing naman 21 years old pa lang siya nagstart na agad siya sa Universal Records. Napakatalented at talaga naman mukhang maganda ang mga songs niya kaya maraming gusto makinig. ❤️

  3. Its really nice to have a recommendation from those well known people. It is because you can garantee that it is good. I'm sure that Albert is really happy that his single is being recommended by Yeonjun who is one-fifth kf the Korean boy band Tomorrow x Together or more commonly known as TXT.

  4. Done reading this blog. So nice naman po nito and congrats po kay mr Timmy Albert dahil narecommend po ni yeonjun ang kanyang song. Talagang sure na happy na happy sya and proud at the same time ❤️😍

  5. Wow this is a great feeling, being recommended by someone is a overwhelming. It only means that it is interesting single.

  6. So nice naman po dahil inirekomenda ni yeonjun ang song ni Timmy Albert. Very Interesting po itong song na ito Siguradong madami din ang matutuwa dito..

  7. Worth to Share and Having a more more Singles His So Really a Nice, Taletented, amd Great Singers .... Super Worth to share this Song At yung iba niya pang kanta dahil tunay na Tumatagos sa akong Pusot at Isipan .


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