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Monday, July 19, 2021

vivo launches a social media contest — the Club 21:00 Self-Portrait

It’s a popular belief that the world is made for morning people. Everyone has heard it all before — “early to bed, early to rise,” “the early bird catches the worm,” “nothing good happens after 2 AM,” and so on and so forth. But for those people whose circadian rhythms beat to embrace the night, the late hours could mean better concentration and mental alertness, and a peaceful opportunity to be closer to themselves.

 A woman of many passions, Club 21:00 member Maine Mendoza dedicates her evenings to her creative endeavors.


Inspiring a community of young Filipinos for whom the nighttime holds special significance, global smartphone brand vivo dawns the “Club 21:00”. Club 21:00 stems from the idea that 9 PM is usually the prime hour when night owls check out from their tasks for the day, and checks in to bring their dreams and passions to life. 


With this, vivo launches a social media contest — the Club 21:00 Self-Portrait — to encourage the evening people to seize the night and capture their most creative moments. All they have to do is “check in” by sharing a post of their 21:00 pursuit on Instagram and tag @vivo_philippines and @viceasia. They should also include the hashtag #CheckInToClub2100. The contest will choose 21 best entries and award a winner to receive a brand-new vivo smartphone. 


They will also get a chance to be featured on the website, along with a few other celebrities and artists. The lineup includes vivo Selfie Portrait Master Maine Mendoza, celebrity and beauty queen Megan Young, musician Kean Cipriano, local photographers Artu Nepomuceno, Je Villaroman, and Inez Moro.


By sharing their stories and the ideas that keep them up at night, evening people can take advantage of vivo’s special prize and capture their best selfies using the 44 MP front camera installed in the V21 smartphone. It also has an optical image stabilizer (OIS) technology, which helps the phone take clear and sharp photos even in low light. No need to worry about the dim lighting during the night as the phone does the work inside and out.


Another feature everyone can take advantage of is the vivo V21’s extended RAM. By incorporating a virtual 3 GB memory on top of its built-in RAM of 8 GB, vivo allows its users to have the fastest user experience with a memory that supports data from multiple apps. This way, night owls can remain productive as they pursue passions and activities that feel personal to them.


Share the night stories that bring you closer to yourself by joining vivo’s Club 21:00 Self-Portrait photo contest. Just post your 21:00/9 PM “check-in” selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #CheckInClub2100.


Additional details on the vivo V21 series can be found on vivo’s Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. For vivo V21 5G, you also check out For vivo V21e, please visit


  1. so nice naman po ng vivo talaga ang ganda po nito and very trusted brand din po ang vivo when it comes to smartphone. Ang ganda ng quality ng camera and it has nice specs and features pa.

  2. This is a really nice opportunity for people who always tend to stay late at night by having an advantage of Vivo's special prize with this contest —the 21:00 Self-Portrait— to encourage the evening people to seize the night and capture their most creative moments.

  3. I'm a night owl, I like this vivo’s Club 21:00 Self-Portrait photo contest coz it gives opportunity to someone like me to get closer to ourselves. The prizes are exciting as well.
    I love how vivo V21 series helps night owl like me to be more productive with its awesome features.


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