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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Here are some simple tips to take it easy and keep life stress-free

Spending more time at home doesn’t mean that life is now less hectic. In fact, many people experience having to juggle more tasks than before. On top of this, even simple things like planning your family’s next meal can be quite tedious in today’s new normal set-up. The key is finding that perfect balance and maximizing the time for each activity to manage your daily routine well.

‘Order & Pick Up’ through the Jollibee App is as easy as 1 2 3. Just select the store near you, choose your preferred pick-up time and date, and then order your favorite meal.

Here are some simple tips to take it easy and keep life stress-free:


Make a to-do list and prioritize tasks

Take stock of your daily activities and break them down into more manageable chunks. Note which items on your list are time-sensitive and need to be tackled first, then move down the line as your day progresses. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment after crossing them off after a long day. Having an organized to-do list helps you manage your tasks well so you can spend more quality time with your loved ones.


Maximize available technology

There are many innovative technologies that are designed to make life easier, from robot vacuums to online apps that help you save time. Having said that, planning your next meal shouldn’t be too time-consuming and stressful. If you’re out for errands or heading home from work, simply use the Order & Pick Up feature on the Jollibee App so you can skip waiting in line and get your favorites whenever, wherever.


Set (and respect) boundaries

Working online from home may often be misinterpreted as being accessible 24/7. Make sure that you have a healthy dialogue with your boss and colleagues to determine ideal work scenarios for the team. To address burnout, it’s best to set acceptable boundaries such as maximizing the usual office breaks and logging off at a reasonable time. This will allow you to have time for family, do some relaxing activities, or to pursue your hobbies. 


Take time to breathe

The start of the pandemic had everyone adjusting to a new routine. But now that people have settled down, they can focus on their overall well-being. So, if you feel overwhelmed, take a much-needed break. Savor a snack, play a short online game, or maybe take a power nap if need be, so you can bounce back energized and more focused.


Of course, having delicious meals at the table never fails to cheer one up. Whether you enjoy it alone or with trusted company, having your favorite food can always fuel you to work better, productively. 


Luckily, treating yourself and your family is now made easier with the Jollibee App’s new Order & Pick Up feature! Order ahead of time and pick up your Jollibee favorites at the counter or drive-thru window, or even request curbside pick-up from the friendly crew.


It only takes three easy steps: select store, select pick up time and date, and then order your meal. There’s no waiting time involved as the order is prepared and packed by the time you get to the store.


Bring joy at home hassle-free with Jollibee’s newest Order & Pick Up feature available on the Jollibee App and the Jollibee Delivery website. Download the Jollibee App on the Google Play Store or the App Store and start enjoying the joy of convenience. 

Jollibee curbside service. Safety and convenience come first in the ‘Order & Pick Up’ feature of the Jollibee App. You can wait in your car for your Jollibee favorites!



  1. Yes po.hehe basta kasama si Jollibee happy😋🤩 ..Talaga naman masaya Ang Salu salo ng buong pamilya pag Anjan si Jollibee. Well , In everything we do we just have to take a rest.If you think you are exhausted and not feeling good..give yourself a break and eat 😍❤️.Mas lalo Kang magiging productive kapag busog at may energy.

  2. Talagang ang sasarap ng foods sa jollibee talagang sometimes we need have time to break and eat jollibee lalo na ngayon talagang nakakapagod and budget friendly pa ang foods ng jollibee ❤️

  3. I do all love them . They are economically cool and awesome. Always choose happiness and joy.

  4. Yess minsan need din talaga natin ng pahinga, Buti nalang meron itong JOLLIBEE.. Masarap na Murang mura pa.. 😋😋

  5. Iba Po talaga si Jollibee patuloy nagbibigay Saya at pag asa sa bawa Isa at sa buong Pamilya .. and this all kinds of Tips to Stress free was absoluely Helpful , just take a Breath and Make Priorities and set Bounderies 💯💯💯💕

  6. Having a stress-free life is really amazing. It is one of the best feeling and experience in the worlds. These some simple tips to take and easy to keep life stress-free is really important. Everyone should know about those for them to enjoy their life more. This is really helpful, informative and interesting as well.

  7. I love the tips that you have listed, these can really help to relieve stress.
    One of my stress reliever din po talaga ang Jollibee, I like that ordering was made easier with Jollibee App’s new Order & Pick Up feature.


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