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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Skin Care for Hope: Gentle, moisturizing, and mindfully created products that are paraben-free and formulated with natural ingredients

I have been on the look out for a local skincare for the past year. Since, all of my moisturisers and serum seems not to work on me anymore or I just have to rest using them for a while. I have yet to try my skin on organic, paraben-free and affordable quality skincare. Then I heard about Skin Care for Hope

When we talk about the future of the skincare industry, a few of the trends that are almost sure to continue include authenticity, clean and quality ingredients, responsibility, and sustainability, that all lead to clean beauty.


In line with the thrust of making clean beauty part of one’s daily routine, local skincare brand Skin Care for Hope launches on Clean Beauty Day, to share the importance of putting kindness first to self, others, and the planet by offering gentle, moisturizing, and mindfully created products that are paraben-free and specially formulated with natural ingredients. 

Inspired by her book, “Staying Beautiful and Hopeful”, which shares the truths of self-care through skincare, board-certified dermatologist and book author Dr. Claire Marie Reyes-Habito founded Skin Care for Hope, which aims to bring hope and healing for those with compromised skin brought about by skin sensitivities, skin aging, or from medications such as chemotherapy and radiation. 

“Clean Beauty Day is the perfect day to introduce our Skin Care for Hope products to the community since Clean Beauty is one of the advocacies of our brand. We encourage use of gentle, mild, moisturizing, and paraben-free skin products to help improve the skin barrier and bring better quality of life for those with sensitive skin.” said Dr. Claire Habito, Skin Care for Hope President & CEO.


Skin Care for Hope’s most popular product, the Skin Relief and Moisturizing Cream is formulated with the unique blend of nata de coco, calendula, and Buah Merah, that helps calm and soothe dry and irritated skin.

The skincare brand also crafted skin care bundles that are purposely made to give Filipinos more opportunities to make better choices when it comes to skin care. These everyday essentials help address special needs on hand and foot, as well as scalp and skin and may also be used by those who are experiencing xerosis and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. 

Skin Care for Hope believes in the well being of the skin and soul. As part of Skin Care for Hope’s advocacy on clean beauty, the said local brand is inviting every Filipino to become part of their skin care community that aims to educate, inspire, and empower one another in practicing self-care with an all-natural skin care routine. 

“Education on good skin care and self-care habits is one of the things that we want to emphasize and share in the local skincare community. It’s not enough to just have skin products, it’s important to know what, when, and how to apply them for better skin care. In the next months we look forward to sharing this through our free teledermatology consultation in our website and education ads and videos in our Facebook page. It is through this that we can bring hope and healing to many.”, Dr. Habito added.

Skin Care for Hope will continue to encourage not only its customers but also the local skincare industry to adopt environment-friendly practices and use products with ingredients that are natural and free from chemicals that potentially can harm. 

For more information on Skin Care for Hope, visit their website: and follow their official Facebook Page:


You can also shop for your favorite Skin Care for Hope products on Lazada: and Shopee: 



  1. "Staying Beautiful and Hopeful".
    They are enironmental friendly products.

  2. Talagang very recommended ang mga products ng Skin Care For Hope 🤗 safe to use and pwede sa mga kids ❤️ sure na it is good for our skin and it can help us to staying beautiful and hopeful🥰😍

  3. Skin is the largest organ in our body. if we will take care of it , it will protect us. As what I have read it should be moisturized because when it is dry , it will create a crack in our skin and we will be prone easily to infection.

  4. Skin Care brands are truly highly recommended not just because of their environmental products but also the ingredients that they are using are mild. Mild skin products are termed mild because they're less likely to cause breakouts, rashes or other skin problems which is safe to use even on kids.

  5. So nice Naman po nitong @skincareforhope , very Helpful din po ito sa ating lahat lalo nat nag lalaman ito ng 💯 naturally moisturising virgin coconut oil bukod pa dun napaka bango pa. 😍 At pwedeng pwede rin talaga sya sa mga kids, Very recommended. 🥰 Must try this po..

  6. Its really nice to know that the local skincare brand Skin Care for Hope launches on Clean Beauty Day to share the importance of putting kindness first to self, others, and the planet by offering gentle, moisturizing, and mindfully created products that are paraben-free and specially formulated with natural ingredients. I hope that many more companies will try to create products that have such kind of idea not just for customers but also to our nature.

  7. I love that Staying Beautiful and Hopeful inspires cancer patients, it helps them lighten up the loads.
    Skin Care for Hope is highly recommended. I love that aside from providing our skin all the care that it needs, it also gives a portion of its sales to cancer patients. Kudos!


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