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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Model and TV host Kelly Misa-Fernandez shares how she values loyalty and long-lasting relationships

Kelly Misa-Fernandez, model, TV host, and one of the most recognized faces in the Philippines is one whose life is made complete and beautiful by people closest to her heart helping and teaching her every step of the way. “Everything in my life that I have accomplished has never been done alone and I have been very fortunate to have met people who supported me, taught me, and enabled me to experience many things and become the best version of myself,” Kelly shared.

Long-lasting and genuine friendship

One of those people who has been intimately involved in her growth is her best friend, stylist, and former fashion editor Bianca Santiago-Reinoso who has been her rock and a constant in her life for many years. “We met in college and very early on we knew that we would be best of friends. I remember when she’d book styling gigs--she’d always recommend me and that opened a lot of doors for me. Bianca has seen me through a lot of my ups and downs and through it all she never left and pushed me to become better,” she said. “We’ve come a long way and I’m so glad that we remain close until now,” Kelly added, sharing how from fashion and work, they now bond over motherhood. “We’re at a different stage in our lives, but we still talk very often, to exchange stories and advice as we are raising our kids.”


The value of finding a good mentor  

Her career that started when she was 19 was something born out of hard work and sheer determination and no one knows the lengths she went through more than her former manager Luis Espiritu. “Luis pushed me beyond my comfort zone and has always believed in me more than I believed in myself. And it was a very powerful feeling—having someone who had that much faith in me and tells me whenever I feel I’m not there yet that I’m already there. That was really inspiring for me and I will be forever grateful to Luis,” she said. Her manager’s unwavering support and loyalty motivated her to make the most of new and better opportunities, including projects that brought her to Hong Kong and different parts of Asia. “I wouldn’t have done them if it weren’t for Luis,” Kelly added. 


Kelly said it feels rewarding to have the people who love and believe in her. This helped her gain confidence to pursue other aspirations. She became a fashion editor; a host of a travel lifestyle show and a noontime program and dabbled in acting. At present, she is also building her channel as a content creator and is a wife to Carlos Fernandez and mother to their son, Tristan Antonio. 


A lifetime and reliable partner 


For Kelly, loyalty is something she cherishes and is important in her daily life. “I really value loyalty because it is the cornerstone of the relationships I have with the most important people in my life—the fact that I feel safe and secure knowing that I have people I can rely on and that I can extend the same to them is a special thing to have,” she shared. 

“The same applies to other facets of my life. As a consumer, having a trusted ally gives me less things to worry about and I can focus on doing things better because of reliable partners like PLDT Home.”


Kelly added how rewarding it is to become a loyal PLDT Home subscriber, thanks to their PLDT Home Rewards program. “I have been a PLDT Home subscriber for years and with the PLDT Home Rewards program, it’s gratifying to know that my loyalty is valued. I get to earn crystals for every transaction or activity, like when I pay my bills in full and on-time, when I enroll for my paperless billing, or when I purchase a PLDT Home gadget,” she shared. “And then I can use these crystals to get discounts from my favorite online shopping sites like Lazada, well-loved food and dining brands and even rebates to pay for PLDT and Smart products and services. But my most favorite of all is that I get to earn raffle entries to the PLDT Home Grand Giveaway where I can win as much as Php5 million!” 


Indeed, loyalty and valuable partnerships open doors to rewarding opportunities. To learn more about the PLDT Home Rewards program, visit



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