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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Protection Begins at Home with SC Johnson Home care products

And just like that, we are back to where we started. 


The government has placed NCR in another ECQ lockdown, which means everyone will be stuck at home for the next few weeks. 


More people stuck inside the house also means more mess and clutter, and with the threat of viruses and germs, it’s time for some general cleaning again to disinfect our rooms, kitchen, comfort room, and cars too to keep everyone in good health.


Don’t know where to begin? The most difficult part is to get started and some people don’t clean their home because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of work involved with it. 


But before starting, you might want to check out these amazing deals from SC Johnson Official Store in Shopee during the Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sales! Be sure to add them to cart now!

             Add to cart FamilyGuard Disinfectant Room & Multi-Surface Spray Aerosol Fragrance Free 280ml

It is important to consider the quality of the air in our home: Remember to air rooms out every day and open windows, or use an exhaust fan.

FamilyGuard Disinfectant Aerosol is a versatile product that kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and combat odors of several different surfaces, through a fresh scent. FamilyGuard is used as a room and surface disinfectant aerosol.


Features and Benefits:

It kills 99.9% of household germs. 

Kills H1N1 virus

Eliminate odors at the source, killing many of the germs that cause them, leaving a pleasant fragrance. 

Regular air fresheners do not have this antimicrobial action. 

FamilyGuard is ideal for controlling odors caused by mold and mildew. It can be used on 

 multi surfaces such as toilet bowls, washbasins, doorknobs, kitchen and garbage cans, room with sick people, closets and many more. 

Its safe for the environment with pets.


Remark: The expiration date format of the product is as follows: DD/MM/YY


                   Add to cart Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner 3.7L - Lavender

First, don’t underestimate the small bits and pieces of the house: doorknobs, remote controls, cabinet handles light switches etc. These are things that we touch every day and we often forget about even wiping them clean. Make sure to disinfect them on a daily basis to prevent germs from spreading - especially if you’re still having to go out. This also goes for keys, bank cards, rings and phones.

For Daily Cleaning:

Dilute 120 cmᶟ (approx. 1/2 cup) of Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner in 5 liters of water and apply on the surface that you want to clean. 


For Deep Cleaning:

For tough dirt apply Mr. Muscle All-Purpose Cleaner pure with a cloth or a sponge.


Features and Benefits:

Delivers cleaning, removes dirt and stains, pleasant fragrance and returns the original shine to your floor in one step, making cleaning easy! 

Ideal for floors, tiles, kitchen counters, sinks, and all other washable surfaces of your home


Remark: The expiration date format of the product is as follows: DD/MM/YY.

                                      Add to cart OFF Overtime Lotion 100ml

OFF! Mosquito Repellent Lotion provides you with up to 8-hours continuous long-lasting protection from Dengue-carrying mosquitoes (Aedes Aegypti)


Features and Benefits:

DermCool formula feels cool and light on your skin; perfect for daily use.

The refreshing scent will leave you rejuvenated all day.

Dermatologically tested to be easy on the skin


Remark: The expiration date format of the product is as follows: DD/MM/YY

Baygon Multi Insect Killer Odorless Spray Aerosol is formulated to provide fast killing power against flying and crawling insects found in and around the house. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and flies are dead in seconds. 


Features and Benefits:

Kills in seconds: cockroaches, mosquitoes, and flies are dead in seconds

Leaves no odor


Remark: The expiration date format of the product is as follows: DD/MM/YY

Baygon Liquid Electric is an anti-mosquitoes liquid that is practical, effective, and provides 30 nights of protection against mosquitoes and without the need to change the refill any night in between.


It works thanks to a small electric diffuser, is easy to use, equipped with an in-use light. Its efficacy is rapid and constant with continuous protection against insects throughout the night.


Features and Benefits:

Repel and keep away mosquitoes for 30 nights if used for 8 hours each night

Automatic protection against mosquitoes when plugged-in

The heater device vapourises the actives evenly to provide consistent protection throughout the night

No-mess and convenient to use, no need to change refills every day

Comes with a light indicator to show that it is working

For well-ventilated indoor use only

Remark: The expiration date format of the product is as follows: DD/MM/YY

Make sure to clean your bed linen regularly, as unwashed bedsheets can also cause allergies, asthma and a stuffy nose - and are more attractive to dust mites. 

For your Homecare Products Shop at SC Johnson Official Store in Shopee

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  1. Perfect line up for what we usually need everyday ,it's makes our house total clean ,and protected,

  2. Very recommended talaga ang mga products ng sc johnson and perfect pang disinfect sa ating mga room and for general cleaning to maintain our place safe and clean 👍 so excited for the 8.8 mega flash sale 😍

  3. Sc Johnson products is part our essential needs specially in maintaining our home secure and protected by any kind of viruses. Lets chect it out at Shopee 8.8 Mega sale to avail in its lowest price😍

  4. Talagang nakaka Excite po itong 8.8 mega flash sale. dahil napakalaking tipid po talaga nito para sa atin. At very recommended po talaga itong Product ng Sc Johnson, malaking tulong po talaga ito para sa atin para midisinfect sa loob ng bahay tamang tama po talaga ito sa pag lilinis.

  5. Yung mga Cleaning Product na sobrang needs natin sa araw araw specially this Pandemic, super Trusted and proven na po talaga kills 99.99% germs and Bacteria sa Loob ng Bahay...


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