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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tang launches the #UsapangTANGhalian filter (available on FB and IG) which suggests a question for parents to ask their kids!

Tang Philippines partnered with pioneer motherhood community Mommy Mundo and launched an online talk that encourages moms to make the most of time at home and get to know their kids. The talk entitled: Conscious Parenting: How to Build a Stronger Relationship with your child Through Meaningful Conversations engaged parents, with over 50,000 views and 872 comments. Tang encourages moms to make the most of lunch time at home as a moment to not only nourish, but also build stronger relationships with their kids. 

The speakers included certified conscious-parenting expert Kit Malvar-Llamas, mom guest Tina De Guzman and host Cerah Co; working moms who are looking to find a balance between work and family time. 

During the talk, Tina De Guzman echoed the struggle of all moms: “This pandemic has been very challenging. It feels like we’ve been on-call 24/7 during WFH. Our kids even have online classes and suddenly all moms have become homeschoolers! Unfortunately, the bonding takes a backseat because of how busy we all are.” Cerah Co shares: Lately I’ve been trying to find balance especially in being more intentional to spend time and bond with my kids” 

In fact, according to an online survey conducted by Mommy Mundo and Tang Philippines with 43 working parents, 41% of parents feel guilty for not taking time during the day to have a genuine conversation with their child while only 32% report making an effort on checking up on their kids. Now ask yourself, are you using this opportunity to bond with your kids at home?

Kit Llamas adds: “Despite all these challenges, spending time with your kids needs to be intentional: That we not only teach our kids, but learn from them too through daily conversations Tanghalian is set in the middle of the day and can be a great opportunity to bond, and it is up to us parents to foster an environment during this time where they can learn how to express themselves while feeling safe and secure with us.”

How parents can easily start their own #UsapangTANGhalian at home

Tang has launched the #UsapangTANGhalian filter (available on FB and IG) which suggests a question for parents to ask their kids! Get ready to be pleasantly surprised with their answers and spark that meaningful conversation with your child over lunch.

Tina shares her experience: “After trying out the #UsapangTANGhalian filter, I found out that my child wished the world didn’t have COVID-19,and it really melted my heart because I got to know how my son thinks. Now, I’m able to have a window that I can use to have a meaningful conversation with my child”. 

Learn more about your child and try out the #UsapangTANGhalian with your kids in just 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the #UsapangTANGHalian Filter! (Instagram: and Facebook
  2. Ask the question to your kid and record the video!
  3. Post on Stories, save the video and post on your feed! 
  4. Invite other parents to have an #UsapangTANGhalian with their kids too!

Build a stronger relationship with your child by transforming lunches into bonding moments with an #UsapangTANGhalian and a glass of Tang packed with 100% Vitamin C of 2 oranges everyday! 

Check out this How To Guide to start your #UsapangTANGhalian at home:



  1. #UsapangTANGhalian filter is amazing.Good thing Tang Philippines created this filter for great bonding moment of the kids with thier mommies while learning and enjoying. Every bonding moments must be memorable to them because kids keeps on growing fast. This moments should we cherish🤗😍

  2. I like the UsapangTanghalian filter with Tang, its cute and fun . When i was able to watch some of the videos, it amaze me how the kids answer to their parents questions. I should try this UsapangTanghalian filter with my kids

  3. I am happy to join this campaign of #UsapangTanghalian with my kids ,they are really enjoying every thing about our conversation ,about answering questions ,that we may not really expecting their answers,it's a good Bonding time .

  4. Talagang Ang ganda po nitong #UsapangTANGhalian dahil pwedeng pwede na po ito maging bonding with your kids and mag ask sa kanila Ng mga questions and magugulat ka talaga sa mga sagot Nila kahit sa ganung edad pa lang and so nice dahil tang packed with 100% Vitamin c and perfect kapartner tuwing tanghalian 😍🥰

  5. So nice naman po nitong #UsapangTANGhalian Mas makikilala at magkakaroon pa tayo ng bonding sating mga anak hindi lamang magbigay ng sustansya, ngunit bumuo din ng mas malakas na pakikipag-ugnay sating mga anak.


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