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Friday, September 10, 2021

Be part of DOH’s RESBAKUNA program and get rewarded!

The Department of Health (DOH) and eCommerce platform Lazada Philippines join forces to increase the uptake of COVID-19 Vaccines in the country. Advocating DOH's RESBAKUNA: Kasangga ng BIDA vaccine education campaign that encourages Filipinos to get vaccinated and promotes education on COVID-19 vaccines, Lazada Philippines launches the Lazada BakunaPerks initiative. This incentive is to encourage Filipino consumers to protect themselves and be fully vaccinated, and receive free shipping vouchers and up to 15% off for purchases made on the Lazada platform.

“Over the past few months, we have been constantly advocating for Filipinos to get vaccinated in order to benefit from the added protection the vaccines give against severe COVID-19. This partnership with Lazada makes correct information and healthy behaviours more accessible to every Filipino - which is what the Health Promotion Bureau wants to achieve. Through the cooperation of the whole society, we ensure that everyone can join the BIDA Bakunation!” said Dr. Beverly Ho, Director of the DOH Health Promotion Bureau.

To join the Lazada Bakuna Perks program, Lazada shoppers who have received both first and second doses of any COVID-19 vaccine can simply sign up, fill out the application form, and upload their valid ID and vaccination card photo on from September 12 to November 6, 2021. Shoppers will get a chance to participate in the Lazada Bakuna Perks package raffle draw and 100 lucky winners receive an in-app notification and an email to collect their vouchers on the Lazada app’s Collection page.

“Together with the Department of Health, Lazada Philippines hopes this program will encourage more residents to be fully informed of the benefits and myths of the vaccines, and get themselves protected early with accurate information. The collective effort of all segments of the community, private and public, coming together, will be a huge step towards the recovery of the country and for all of us to be stronger,” says Ray Alimurung, Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Philippines. 

The RESBAKUNA campaign aims to vaccinate 70% of the country's population or around 70 million Filipinos to reach herd immunity. It assures Filipinos that vaccines are important allies against the coronavirus. 

As of August 31, over 14 million Filipinos have been fully vaccinated, while nearly 20 million have already received their first doses.

Be part of DOH’s RESBAKUNA program and get rewarded! Visit for more details on the Lazada Bakuna Perks initiative.

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  1. This great idea to encourage people to get fully vaccinated. Lazada offers a big discount for fully vaccinated customers. Vaccines is very important to protect oneself against the COVID-19 virus. Great initiative of Lazada of being part of DOH campaign.

  2. This efforts really goes along with a nice starts on , giving us our share to be fully vaccinated

  3. Very nice idea of Department of Health (DOH) and eCommerce platform Lazada Philippines to encourage the people na magpavaccine na. You can get exciting discounts and vouchers once you are fully vaccinated. It is also important to get vaccine to protect ourself from virus.

  4. This is great because Lazada is supporting vaccination drive , a number 1 e commerce business which will enable to motivate a lot of people to have vaccine jab.

  5. A very good job for Lazada! I think having a huge platform to say what should be said is definitely a big influence to the people that use your app or know you. This is very chic and cute especially I am using Lazada to purchase some of my kids' needs and necessities, I have Daughter and a baby boy, so this really helps especially I am budgeting the expense because pandemic really brought us in our tightest and stressing place when it comes to money. So I believe I am indeed gonna use that free vouchers especially I have my schedule for my vaccine! So, Good Job Lazada!! ❣️

  6. So nice naman po nito dahil inilunsad ng Lazada Philippines ang Lazada BakunaPerks initiative . This incentive is to encourage Filipino consumers to protect themselves and be fully vaccinated, and receive free shipping vouchers and up to 15% off for purchases made on the Lazada platform.. Mahalat din talaga ang magkaroon ng Vaccine dahil yun ang nag sisilbing proteksyon para sa atin..


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