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Monday, September 6, 2021

Spoil your pets with these three DIY crafts

Unboxing any new appliance, like a brand-new TV, is always an exciting experience. There’s a certain rush in opening the box, installing the TV, and seeing it perfectly fit your home. Movie marathons, virtual calls, and game nights are now possible in crystal-clear definition.

But after the excitement, what happens to the cardboard box? Instead of just discarding it, give it new life by turning it into something fun for your pets! Upcycling is possible with any cardboard box, but Samsung makes it easier with its Eco-Package, which comes with every 2021 TV model. This award-winning initiative makes use of a dot matrix design to make it easy to cut and assemble the cardboard box yourself. Simply scan the QR code found on the box to access instructions and get started. 


Spoil your pets with these three DIY crafts.


Pet Houses


If you’re the type to spoil your pets, you can turn the eco-packaging into a small house where they can hang out instead of disturbing your virtual meetings. Customize the house by decorating the exterior in your pet’s favorite color. 


Pet Stairs

Since pets love to leap from one high platform to another, transform the eco-packaging into stairs where they can climb up and down. Give them the staircase that will make them feel as if they’re on a runway, modeling their shining, shimmering coat of soft fur. This is also useful for pets who have trouble going up and down your bed.


Cat Tunnel

 Play peek-a-boo with your furry friend by building them an eco-friendly cat tunnel. This also helps give them another space to call their own and enjoy, once again cementing your place as fur parent of the year.


Samsung Eco-Package will get your creative juices flowing and add interesting pieces to your home while reducing environmental waste. Not only are you giving boxes a second life, but you’re also doing your part in preserving the environment. Join the fun and share your own upcycled masterpiece by posting them online with the hashtag #FurTheWin.



  1. How cool and awesome creations. Innovative and creative and exceptional

  2. Spoil your pets with these three DIY crafts a great idea which is very eco friendly. Creativity comes out when it comes to DIY crafts. Very nice idea and must do it as hobbit.

  3. This is so nice D.I.Y, very useful and environmentally friendly.You don't have to spend much in spoiling your pets, this d.i.y will surely make them happy and enjoy the space.And, this contest of Samsung Eco package is so interesting and so will help to reduce waste in our environment.

  4. This is so nice and very helpful to all people who have pets. Samsung also use now their eco-package to makes it easier and good thing about this furmoms can make DIY to their pets 🤩

  5. So nice naman po. Ang dami rin po talagang pwedeng gawin dito sa cardboard box. Ang gaganda din talaga ng mga gawa nila. Ganda din talaga ng naging idea nila. Kesa sa itapon pwedeng pwede parin naman pakinabangan. Gusto ko itong DIY CRAFTS nila.

  6. Ang cute cute thank you for sharing this nakakatuwa din gumawa ng mga ganitong DIY CRAFTS lalo na sa mga pets natin ❤️ ang creative ❤️😍


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