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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Canva Represents aims to amplify creators and champion diversity in every corner of the globe

 Inspired by its globally diverse community, Canva unveils Canva Represents which aims to amplify creators and champion diversity in every corner of the globe. With a worldwide community of more than 85 million, Canva is committed to providing a platform that inspires people from all backgrounds. 

As a platform that continues to grow globally, Canva recognizes its responsibility to create, grow and foster a library of diverse, authentic, and representative content. In the last 12 months, Canva had a 129% increase in content that represents people with a disability, a 111% uplift in diverse sexuality content, a 194% uplift in ethnically diverse content, and more than 17 billion diverse content publishes in total.

Canva Represents is designed to seek out, support, and champion talented artists from underrepresented communities around the world, including the Philippines. All of the content created by Canva Represents Artists is made available for free in Canva’. 

“At Canva, we celebrate the unique history, culture, interests, and experiences of our creative community. We believe that everyone should be empowered to express their identity through their designs, and we are so excited to support more Filipino content creators and creatives in their passion to produce authentic and diverse content,” said Yani Hornilla-Donato, Canva Philippines Country Manager.

To express your interest in becoming a Canva Represents Artist, visit Applications are assessed based on the artist’s portfolio, alignment with the mission and purpose of the Canva Represents Fund, and other details such as the creative process and personal narrative of the artist. Chosen artists will be paid on a per project basis.

Among the current Canva Represents Artists are Simone Niamani Thompson, editorial and portrait photographer from Los Angeles, California; Snezhana von Büdingen, acclaimed photographer from Cologne, Germany; and Bobbi Lockyer from Western Australia.

Canva remains committed to diversity through long-term initiatives including growing its  diverse photography collections, creating a marketplace for global Canva Creators who contribute to its ever-growing template library, and developing a truly local team of designers that produce high-quality, hyper-localized template collections for Philippines and beyond.

To know more about Canva, visit or follow Canva on FacebookInstagram, and Tiktok. Canva is also available for download on App Store and Play Store.


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