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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Keep up with the Pros: Make the MaxPro Choice

Sore throat continues to be a common illness that recurrently affects a lot of people. Experts have determined that in the past 12 months, at least 6 out of every 10 people have experienced sore throat. And with sore throat being a major symptom of COVID-19, especially for the Alpha, Delta, and Omicron   variants, the market demands an effective, more convenient, faster acting, and long-lasting relief from sore throat.


Although there’s a host of sore throat solutions like throat sprays and gargles, the most preferred medical treatment for sore throat is still the lozenge which boasts of clinically proven strong efficacy, which works directly in the throat to reduce local inflammation providing deep down, long-lasting relief.


In the Philippines, sore throat relief has become synonymous with one lozenge brand: Strepsils. Trusted by millions across the globe to soothe and protect the throat, Strepsils recently highlighted  Flurbiprofen (Strepsils MaxPro) via an online event  “KEEPING UP WITH THE PROS: MAKE THE MAXPRO CHOICE”.  The online event showcases Flurbiprofen (Strepsils MaxPro) which is a lozenge intended to provide 4 in 1 relief for severe sore throat sufferers. It combines the power of Flurbiprofen, a painkiller and anti-inflammatory with the local action of a lozenge to help reduce inflammation and relieve sore throat pain. What’s more, it works in as fast as 60 seconds, with an effect that lasts up to 6 hours!


Seasoned presenter Issa Litton hosted the event with guest medical expert, Dr. Tess Jimenez discussing the symptoms, causes and remedies of sore throat.  In keeping up with the theme, the event featured known PROS from various fields who balance a thriving career, health, and personal life; and how they successfully adapted to life during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Celebrity guest Ms. World 2013 Megan Young recounted her life experiences and discussed how she takes care of her throat and how she keeps it healthy with Strepsils like a pro. Megan narrates: “I realized yung similarities of Flurbiprofen (Strepsils MaxPro)’s 4 in 1 action in my lifestyle. The many facets of my daily life can only be fulfilled if I have the utmost physical strength and health. Sa dami ng kailangan gawin, there’s only one thing that can make all those possible - and that’s being at my MAX health. Isa sa mga natutunan ko from Doc Tess also is that we shouldn’t ignore the small signs, these are the signals from our body that we need to listen to. Pero in the case of sore throat, if hindi na maiwasan maging severe siya, we always have Flurbiprofen (Strepsils MaxPro) we can count on.”


Singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre, who performed and graced the event, also shared: “It’s not a secret that in my profession, there’s really a need to take care of my health, especially when it comes to my throat. Kaya mula noon, hanggang ngayon, when I get severe sore throat, I take Flurbiprofen (Strepsils MaxPro) 4 in 1 action to help relieve my inflamed throat! So, for those of you who are the same as me, you need a partner in making sure you are well taken care of especially now that we really need protection. Make the MaxPro CHOICE.”


Flurbiprofen (Strepsils MaxPro) comes in a convenient 8s pouch pack and a 16s blister pack. With its unique mode of action and strong science in providing relief for moderate to severe sore throat, Flurbiprofen (Strepsils MaxPro) does not just “kill the pain”, it also helps treat inflammation.


 To watch the full Strepsils MaxPro Facebook Live Event KEEPING UP WITH THE PROS: MAKE THE MAXPRO CHOICE, visit


Flurbiprofen (Strepsils MaxPro) is available in leading drugstores and online stores:

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