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Thursday, June 23, 2022

K-Beauty industry takes beautrition to a new level with Cheonsa

You are what you eat. Diet and health have always been interlinked, and the K-Beauty industry is resurfacing this age-old wisdom through beautrition, the latest craze to achieving and maintaining your glow goals. 


Long before they made us obsessed with the 10-step routine and glass skin, Koreans have been practicing the harmony of beauty + nutrition. Take for example their fondness for kimchi and other fermented foods, which are known to promote a healthy gut, more luminous complexion, and overall fitness. 


Now the K-Beauty industry takes beautrition to a new level with edible or ingestible beauty---supplements that are usually in the form of drinks, capsules, candies, gels, powders and the like.

Greater than the Glow


More than the desired effect of radiant skin, beautrition products emphasize holistic health starting from within. When our insides are in tip-top shape, it shows on the outside, too. 


Beautrition products provide the energy our body needs to function properly, plus it helps improve blood circulation, which in turn enhances nutrient absorption and delivery to nails, hair, and skin.   


What sets apart beautrition products from other supplements? Aside from satisfying recommended nutritional values, beautrition products come with specific actives or combinations of particular ingredients that target special concerns. 


K-Beautrition with Cheonsa


Cheonsa is the newest name you can trust for beauty nutrition. Cheonsa uses premium-grade ingredients from Korea to ensure high-quality results. These include hyaluronic acid, glutathione, vitamin C, zinc, collagen, and biotin. 


While other health and wellness brands also use these valued ingredients in their products, Cheonsa invests in sourcing them from Korea where more meticulous production standards are followed and maintained.  


 Kylie Padilla for Cheonsa


Kylie Padilla is the newest endorser of Cheonsa. Way before it became super popular, the Kapuso actress has been practicing the ways of beautrition. “I love trying out new skin care products and trending regimens, but throughout the years, what worked for me is being very conscious of what I eat as I know it will eventually affect the state of my skin.”


Kylie adds, “That’s why I feel honored to be chosen as the face of Cheonsa as I am advocating total fitness to be your prettiest. I’m really impressed with Cheonsa’s high-quality ingredients from Korea. Aside from helping me achieve glowing angelic skin, it makes me feel energized and healthy everyday.  


Kylie’s favorite drinks these days include Cheonsa’s Collagen powder boosted with hyaluronic acid and glutathione. They come in two flavors: Creamy Cappuccino and Strawberry Smoothie. Whether with ice or taken piping hot, these collagen drinks help Kylie have that supple-looking, hydrated, and brighter complexion. 


On busier days with longer taping hours, Kylie gets beauty reinforcement from    Cheonsa’s supplement capsules: Glutathione with Vitamin C and Zinc, and Collagen with Biotin. Taking them is part of her daily self-care routine to combat the adverse effects of such a hectic lifestyle. 


Get that angelic Korean glow and be vibrantly healthy like Kylie! Nourish your skin, only with Cheonsa. 


Cheonsa is exclusively available at Watsons and other leading online stores nationwide.


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