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Friday, June 17, 2022

Here are some great gift ideas that you can give this Father’s Day

MR.DIY, your one-stop shop for home improvement, joins everyone in honoring our ever-loving dads this Father’s Day!

Looking for the perfect present to surprise your dad? MR.DIY has got you covered with a variety of items that can make every celebration more special.

Regardless of whether your dad is into fitness, driving, or always fixing every corner of your home, here are some great gift ideas that you can give this Father’s Day.

For the Car Enthusiasts 

For all our car enthusiast dads out there, MR.DIY is thrilled to share some essentials that you can use to make driving more fun.

The Double-Headed Vehicle Fan is a great item to make your car cooler, especially on a sunny day; MR.DIY’s Vacuum Cleaner comes in handy and can easily help you get rid of hard-to-reach dirt and particles under the car seat; and to get the job done, a Wash Mitt can make your car exterior squeaky clean.

For the Fitness Buffs 

Exercises can be a great bonding activity for the entire family, and MR.DIY has great fitness equipment that can help make our dad healthier and fit.

As a starter, MR.DIY’s Waist Support can help tone down your body without feeling uncomfortable; a Wrist Support is also a must-have to support our wrist and help prepare for extreme workouts; and as a fun alternative to work on those ab muscles, the Exercise Wheel is beginner-friendly and can guide everyone in performing difficult positions for the abs.

For the All-Around Hardware Expert

Our dads love a great hardware kit to help improve our home. MR.DIY offers an array of home improvement items for every need that also serve as useful presents.

Steel Tool Box is essential for every home, keeping your tools intact and safe away from hazards; Flat and Ball Key Set and Hand Riveter are also a must-have, and can provide great support to usual home maintenance problems; and finally, MR.DIY’s Multi-functional Tool is perfect for a variety of uses: as a trusty screwdriver, cutter, bottle opener, and so much more.

These items that you can use as presents this Father’s Day, among many others, are now available at MR.DIY’s stores nationwide! 

To learn more about MR.DIY and its products, visit You may also follow /mrdiyPH on Facebook, and @mrdiy.philippines on Instagram and Tiktok for updates and upcoming promos.

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