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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Nokia C21 Review: The Good Old days of the removable battery

I had the Nokia C21 plugged in for a good 5 minutes when I decided to check the battery status and was shocked that it still hasn’t started charging. It was only then that I realized that its battery was still in the box.


Yes. The Nokia C21 has a removable battery.


And its actually one of the phones unique features that makes it different from the recent rainfall of budget smartphones that has flooded the market.


HMD Global, the new home of Nokia phones, has been releasing a good number of budget phones the focus on why you are getting a phone in the first place and that is for communicating via calls, texts or instant messages. The Nokia C21 is a 4G phone that that’s accessible to all and offers Improved experiences, security and imaging.


We’ve been using the phone for a good two weeks and here’s why we think you should consider getting one.


So what there to Love, Trust and Keep?


Nokia C21 specs:

Display: 6.52-inch HD+ IPS display | 1600 x 720 pixel resolution, 269ppi | 2D Toughened glass

Aspect ratio:20:9 Resolution:HD+ V-notch

Processor: 1.6GHz UNISOC octa-core processor

Memory / Storage: 2GB RAM 32GB internal storage, expandable via microSD up to 256GB

Rear camera: 8 MP Autofocus with LED Flash

Front camera: 5 MP Dimensions: Height:8.8 mm | Length:169.9 mm |Width:77.9 mm | Metal frame

Connectivity : HSPA+, 4G LTE | WiFi 802.11 b/g/n |Bluetooth 4.2

Other features:  FM radio

Battery: 3,000mAh removable battery, 5W microUSB


Android 11 Go Edition

Dual SIM, Dual Standby


What’s in the box?

The Nokia C21 comes in the standard Nokia white box with a render of the phone in front. The phone shown is the Grey variant but our review unit came in Dark Blue so make sure you have the right color by checking the label at the bottom of the box. Also on the front of the box is a sticker which indicates the freebies you get out of the box. At the back of the box are the special features of the phone.

Slide it out to reveal the actual C21 unit wrapped in plastic. Underneath that compartment you’ll find a Safety Booklet and Quick Start Guide, a Jelly Case, Micro USB Charger, Micro USB Cable and a free headset! You can find the removable battery tucked beneath the cardboard that separates the phone from the other contents.

Exploring the phone you’ll find the 3.5mm headphone jack on top, the power and volume buttons on the right and the charging port and mic at the bottom. On the front is the selfie camera and earpiece and Nokia branding on the chin. 

Turning it on its back you’ll find the 8MP camera module, fingerprint scanner, Nokia branding and speaker at the bottom. To insert your sim you have to remove the back cover. Remove the cover by looking for the indentation on the bottom right (on the side of the power/volume buttons) slide a your fingernails around to lift the cover.

As Nokia’s tagline is Love it, Trust It and Keep It, we’ll do the review based on these criteria as well.



The thing I probably like most about this phone is the removable battery. For those who already owned phones way back before the “smartphone” era, all phones had removable batteries and we didn’t need powerbanks.


When you have a spare battery, you don’t need those big 6000mAh batteries and quick charging, because all you had to do was change batteries and you get instant 100% no need for waiting times (assuming you remembered to charge it the night before) Removable batteries also make the phone last longer as you all know that batteries are usually the first components you have to replace. This can make the Nokia C21 last years if used properly.


Nokia has been known for creating some of the most durable phones in history, and you can feel that the Nokia C21 phone is a well-built device. Despite its price it doesn’t look cheap and the Nokia C21 is something that still want to show off. The beautiful Finnish aesthetic is also functional – designed with micro texture on the back and curved sides to ensure a good grip in style.


It is made from sturdy polycarbonate with the body of Nokia C21 supported by a metal chassis on the inside and toughened cover glass on the outside. From force measurements to vigorous tumble, over 50 tests are carried out on every Nokia phone to ensure hardware durability, and Nokia C21 is no exception. The result is a smartphone which honours the long-lasting, Nordic excellence you’d expect from HMD Global, so users can hold on to their device for longer.Removing the back cover of the phone shows the neat layout of the device besides the battery compartment and the sim slots everything else is covered and protected.  


The Nokia has a big 6.52-inch HD+ IPS display with a 1600 x 720 pixel resolution, 269ppi and protected by 2D Toughened glass. For the price, its good enough for watching videos on your favorite social media channels, browsing the internet, emails and for composing and creating posts. You can watch YouTube videos up to 1080p. The brightness of the display makes it ideal to use indoors. Sound quality is also good but do note that the speaker is at the back of the phone and its easy to accidentally cover it with your fingers.


The Nokia C21 has very modest cameras, meaning it does the job of capturing photos but do not expect too much details. Make sure you shoot in a well-lit environment to get decent looking photos. Again you are not buying this phone for its cameras, but its a feature that will come handy in some situations.



For many, smartphones store one’s most private information and the Nokia C21’s AI-powered face unlock is now supported by fingerprint sensor for extra security and convenience to protect your phone from your prying “Marites” friends.


In terms of android updates Nokia also promises better privacy features and two years of regular security updates with quarterly security updates for two years from the global launch date of Nokia C21 to keep user memories safe.


The 1.6GHz UNISOC octa-core processor combined with 2GB RAM is just right for the usual daily tasks and you’ll have no problem when there’s only a few apps open. You can also play casual games on this phone but do remember the storage and RAM limitations. Slap in an extra memory card to store more files.


The Nokia C21 boasts a streamlined operating system[ Android 11TM (Go edition)] on a higher memory smartphone with a multi-core processor brings efficiencies without sacrificing the signature all-day battery life – download at speed and enjoy fast app opening times, for an even snappier experience.



The new Nokia C21 comprises even more value. Coming at Php 5,490, it brings upgraded photography, better privacy, and improved speed for an extra smooth experience.


But again for me the best reason to buy and keep this phone is its removable and all-day battery life. This phone makes a great choice for those who need a secondary phone mostly for communication purposes like calls and text. For those in the logistics business or profession, they need a phone that is less complicated yet more durable. Delivery people also need a smartphone they could use the entire day and when their battery runs out, those extra minutes of charging can be inconvenient--which makes the C21 a good choice.


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  1. This Nokia C21 review is a refreshing read in the sea of budget smartphones flooding the market. The revelation of a removable battery as a unique feature sets it apart from the crowd, harking back to the good old days of user-friendly designs. The focus on essential communication needs, coupled with improved experiences and security, aligns with Nokia's legacy. The detailed specifications provide a comprehensive overview, ensuring readers are well-informed. The informative content, coupled with a two-week usage perspective, adds credibility. The inclusion of the unboxing experience and highlighting key features in the comment further enhances the blog's impressiveness. Overall, an informative and impressive review!


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