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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Get your fill of healthy salads, wraps and crepes at the New Fresh Co

Fresh and delightful can best describe what dishes are served at Fresh Co. Located at My South Hall at Level 1, S’Maison and a food concept of The Bistro Group, this cozy nook is the ideal place to get your fill of healthy salads, wraps and now, a variety of delicious crepes.

Thin and delicate, these crepes are mixed of savory and sweet fillings. 

Choose from these mouth-watering and  rich savory buckwheat crepes: 

The meaty Chicken ‘Shroom(chicken mushroom, bechamel sauce, fried oyster mushroom, parmesan cheese shavings, parsley leaf); 

The Japanese-inspired Kani On My Mind  (romaine lettuce, kani, ripe mango diced, tobiko, Japanese mayo, lemon wedge);  

The light yet filling Salmon Like You (bechamel sauce, smoked salmon, cream cheese, quickmelt cheese, dill fresh, alfaalfa sprouts, fried capers, served with lemon wedge);  

The mushroomy Truffle In Love (bechamel sauce, smoked salmon, cream cheese, quickmelt cheese, dill fresh, alfaalfa sprouts, fried capers, served lemon wedge); 

The bold, spicy and slightly smoky My One and Only Pepperoni(pepperoni, olives, bechamel sauce, quickmelt cheese, pickled white onion, dried parsley)  

Shrimply Irresistible  for seafood lovers (shrimp and spinach mix, bechamel sauce,  arugula Italian vinaigrette, served with lemon wedge);  and 

The classic combination Say Ham and Cheese (pineham, bechamel sauce, asparagus spears, quickmelt cheese, emmental cheese, asparagus spears).


If you’re sweet tooth is aching to be satisfied with something sugary or saccharine in taste, there are five sweet crepes to choose from. 

Have you had Tiramisu Crepe  before? Try this at Fresh Co.  Tiramisu Like Crazy has  tiramisu cream mix, chocolate ganache, biscoff cracker, whipped cream, powdered sugar, mint leaf and served with vanilla ice cream for an added touch of freshness. 

A classic combination that never fails to please is The Apple of My Eye (apple cinnamon mix, caramel fudge, whipped cream, roasted walnuts, powdered sugar, mint leaf and served with vanilla ice cream.  

Simple yet satisfying is the Lemon  Appetit with plain crepe batter, lemon juice , sugar, served with lemon wedge.  

Mango flavor takes center stage It Takes Two To Mango,  made with mango raisin mixture, whipped cream, starussels crumbled, powdered sugar, mint leaf served with vanilla ice cream.


What do you feel like eating today?  Something fresh, light, savory or sweet?   Drop by at Fresh Co at My South Hall, Conrad S’maison. It is open 10am -10pm. Follow freshcoph



  1. Wow ang ganda nman ng ambiance dito ang sasarap pa ng mga foods , nkakatakam lahat . Must visit! 😍

  2. Napakaganda po dito plus their foods look so good & delicious too,akoy natakam

  3. Yay must visit po ito and sure na delicious foods po and ganda pa ng ambiance! ❤️


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