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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

RACE, a new Korean workplace dramedy coming May 10 exclusively to Disney+

What Park Yoonjo lacks in qualifications and experience she more than makes up for in tenacity and drive, but when everyone in the company discovers that several recent hires were made as part of a newly created diversity program, Yoonjo will have to overcome the insurmountable to win their approval in RACEa new Korean workplace dramedy coming May 10 exclusively to Disney+.

Park Yoonjo has spent her entire career trying to prove that she belongs. Born into a family without means, she was unable to secure a university degree or lean upon her family connections to get ahead, but what Yoonjo lacks in formal education she more than makes up for in work ethic. In RACE, viewers follow along as Yoonjo battles against a stacked deck to secure her dream job at Seyong, a huge Korean conglomerate. Although it appears Yoonjo’s luck has finally taken a turn for the better, reality quickly steps in to prove her wrong, forcing Yoonjo to work harder than ever to overcome the seemingly insurmountable and prove to everyone that she belongs where she is. Set in modern-day Seoul, RACE perfectly captures the nuanced dramas of the modern-day workplace in a fun and entertaining way.

Starring Lee Yeonhee (New Year Blues, Welcome to Wedding Hell) as “diversity hire” Park Yoonjo; Moon Sori (The Handmaiden, Seoul Vibe) as Goo Yijung, the leading voice in the PR industry, Hong Jonghyun (Moon Lovers) as Yoonjo’s friend Ryu Jaemin and Jung Yunho (Dating On Earth) as CEO of Earth Communication Seo Donghoon, RACE is written by acclaimed screenwriter Kim Roori (Hyena, The Ace) and directed by Lee Dongyoon (She Would Never Know, 20th Century Boy and Girl).

First announced as part of an expanded slate of local APAC content at the 2022 Disney Content Showcase, RACE joins a whole host of incredible Korean titles now available on Disney+, including: Call It Love about a girl driven to revenge but who falls in love with her potential victim; Soundtrack #1 about two friends who are secretly in love with each other; and Big Bet about a serial entrepreneur whose life is turned on its head when he is arrested for murder.

Enjoy RACE from May 10, only on Disney+ .


  1. Kaabang abang itong Race on May 10 on DISPLAY+ and Thank you for sharing

  2. Wow this is really exciting ❤️
    Perfect to all people na gusto mag work or study in Korea
    So wonderful ☺️

  3. Yay nkkaa excite naman ito đŸ„°

  4. Nakakaexcite ito for sure lahat mageenjoy dito

  5. Mukhang maganda ang story nito, kaabang abang.

  6. Exciting naman otong movie na ito ❤️ kaabang abang ❤️ nakakainspire ang kwento ❤️ kahit na wala siyang formal education at walansiyang diploma or connection gagawin niya ang lahat maipakita lang niya na kaya niya at magtatagumpay siya ❤️


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