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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Beat the Heat with Goldilocks Thirst Quenchers

There’s no denying that the freedom of summer in the Philippines comes hand-in-hand with an intolerable blast of hot weather. Still, it’s that time of the year when your sunnies and flip-flops beg you to take them out for some fun in the sun. Whether your idea of a perfect summer is an out of town adventure or relaxing hangout in the city, the only way to survive the stifling heat is to keep cool and hydrated. There’s nothing quite like a nice, frosty, and gently perspiring pampalamig to freshen up a sizzling summer afternoon.

Beat the heat with a special selection of truly Pinoy Thirst Quenchers from Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop. Indeed, after almost fifty years of giving delight to local consumers.

Goldilocks can provide the perfect taste of summer with these specially mixed Filipino classics. Coast through this heat wave with the classic Goldilocks Thirst Quenchers: Halo Halo, Mais con Hielo and Sago’t Gulaman. Starting at Php 39.00, the Thirst Quenchers are sure to add a cool edge to your summer memories in only the way Goldilocks can.

Add Goldilocks Thirst Quenchers to your summer Must-Have list to stay cool! For more details, head to your nearest Goldilocks Bakeshop or visit

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