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Monday, May 18, 2015

Real People, Real Heroes

We often see heroes as larger-than-life individuals with super strength, cool gadgets, or martial art skills. But in real life, heroes are characterized by genuine kindness, selfless acts, and making a difference. It is these seemingly non-super-powered (yet still challenging) every day acts of kindness and selflessness that make these real life heroes super in their own right.

AIA Group Limited, the real life company, believes that ordinary people are more than capable of going above and beyond the call of duty to help others.  They have launched the first-ever AIA Real Life Hero Awards, a conglomerate-wide search for outstanding financial advisors of the AIA group of companies, which includes Philam Life, the country’s premier life insurance company. AIA has been on the look-out for stories of advisors that best embody the four brand beliefs of AIA: professionalism, caring, fairness, and ease to work – making them fit to be called heroes.

Out of the 15 selected candidates from various AIA markets in the Asia Pacific region, the Philippines is proud to have two finalists from Philam Life. Captain Chris Cervantes actively promotes financial literacy among his fellow OFWs, and Nina Solomon shares her time and blessings to many charitable institutions. Their mission as Real Life heroes is to help Filipinos secure the future, so they can enjoy the present.

To know more about the inspiring works of Chris Cervantes and Nina Solomon, and to vote for whom you think is the best Real Life Hero, please visit   Last day of voting is on May 20, 2015.

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