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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mr Pizza is now "On Air" in the Philippines!

Pizza lovers, rejoice!

There are so many pizza restaurants in the country that you have checked in and most probably have some of your personal favorites from them.  But wait till you have a bite of that mouth watering, chewy, delicious and sweet  "Eggta" pizza from Korea's Mr Pizza. Let your taste bud decides. Mr. Pizza promises to be the next destination for pizza lovers. They offer a wide variety of pizza flavors, pastas, and chicken dishes.  Their Mr. Chicken (wings) are my next favorite aside from Egg Ta pizza.

Mr. Pizza, Korea’s Number 1 pizza chain is now in the Philippines! The good news is that you dont have to book a flight to Korea to have a taste of their sumptuous, fresh pizzas. They are now opening their 505th branch here in Manila.

Their pizza is #100 handmade dough, and kneaded right before your eyes. You can see their chefs tossing and kneading doughs around the see through kitchen. Creating your pizza right before your very eyes. Their ingredients are freshly made for you to enjoy.  They dont put oil or preservatives on it.  

Diet-conscious pizza fans would love Mr Pizza’s Smarty Pizzas. These are thin crust pizzas that are not too heavy but still packs in a lot of flavors. “Having Smarty pizza with beer is a recent trend among young folks in Korea,”Mr. Sonsaid.

The all-time popular gourmet pizza’s first branch located at the ground floor level of Greenbelt 3 Ayala Center, Makati City will be MrPizza’s  505th worldwide.

“We are number one in Korea, and we will do our best to be number #1 in the Philippines. We plan to expand aggressively in the coming months so watch out for a lot of store openings,” said Mr. Son.

We take pride in being able to provide Filipinos the opportunity to experience Korea’s best-tasting pizza. It is definitely something to look forward to,” says Tony Son, Mr. Pizza Korea’s Director for Global Division.

Originated in 1990, Mr Pizza has been number 1 in Korea since 2009. It is the only food brand listed in the KOSDAQ, a first in the food and beverage industry.

Other Mr. Pizza locations overseas include of course Korea, China, and United States among others.

Among others, Mr. Pizza credits its success to its unflinching commitment to cleanliness, kitchen sanitation, store ambience/atmosphere, ingredients, and customer service.

Mr. Pizza abides by the 300% principle:  100% Hand-Kneaded, 100% Full-Hearted Topping, and 100% Grill-Baked.

“Among everything else, however, we are very strict with food quality,” adds Mr. Son.

“It’s a pact written in stone. That is our commitment,” Mr. Son said.

When it comes to variety, Mr. Pizza can rightfully claim that it's the only brand, which offers very unique flavors.

“There is nothing in the market that is similar to our top-of-the-line pizzas - Eggta, Seafood Island, Potato Gold, Gesal Montand, Macho Grande, and Secret Garden,” prides Mr. Son.

Toppings include shrimp, crabmeat, round steak, chicken breast, and buttery potato, which are not only delicious but also healthy.

Pizzas under the Classic Pizza category include a variety of traditional pizza flavors with “live” dough, fresh sauce and flavorful cheese.

Mr. Son adds: “Once you taste our oil –less pizza that’s when you’d discover the difference!”
Other items that would go perfectly well with Pizza are Mr. and Ms. Chicken,  and our varieties of Pastas.

No doubt Mr. Pizza is a must-try – fresh, unique, flavorful, fun and scrumptious!

Follow Mr Pizza on FB, Twitter, and Instagram @mrpizzaph.

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