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Friday, May 1, 2015

Versailles Stay: High Concept for High Rise Living

Versailles Stay, a new property business concept by Capitarise Holdings Inc. and FPD Global, is set to change the face of rental property management in the Philippines.

At first glance, one may believe Versailles Stay to be much like a hotel, but its practice of offering temporary lodgings and amenities to guests is where the similarities end. The key difference lies in its unique business model: Versailles Stay is a rental management solution for fully furnished, high-quality residences, offering dependable property care for unit owners and developers, as well as value-for-money, convenient, and hospitable lodgings for guests and clients.

By acting as a bridge for foreign property investors and enabling them to access apartment suites from high-end condominium developers across the Metro, Versailles Stay breaks free of the limits that constrain most lodging businesses, to the benefit of property developers and unit owners. These units, the furnishing and maintenance of which are undertaken by Versailles Stay management, are then made available for travelers and stay-cationers looking for affordable yet high-class lodgings in the heart of the city.

This new business practice has turned out to be quite advantageous for everyone involved. Upon striking a deal with Versailles Stay, the first core market, comprised of high-end condominium developers, benefits by the direct sale of multiple units. They get to relinquish the responsibility of managing these units to Versailles Stay’s efficient staff. Because Versailles guests avail of the building’s amenities, these facilities receive extra support and maintenance from the company as well. The responsibility of association dues also falls within Versailles Stay’s purview, freeing the developers from the hassle of collecting them.

The second core market, the unit owners, reaps benefits as well from Versailles Stay’s handling of all the details regarding their investment. Versailles Stay takes care of furnishing and maintaining the units, as well as locating renters to occupy the rooms. All the unit owners have to do is sit back and wait for returns to come in.

Lastly, the final core market, comprised of the end-users who occupy the units as guests, is fortunate in the care with which Versailles Stay focuses on their comfort. By choosing Versailles Stay, they have an option for short to mid-term billeting in prime locations, complete with services and amenities that simulate a hotel stay, at affordable rates. For businessmen on corporate trips and families seeking fun and relaxing stay-cations, Versailles Stay makes for an ideal choice.
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