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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Midea unveils a complete suite of airconditioners for PH market

There are window types, split types, centralized or floor mounted, it comes in different horsepower HP and offered by a lot of brands. But have you ever noticed that airconditioners only come in white?

So why, after all these years, haven't brands ever think of putting some color to our favorite summer appliance.

I still don't know, but i'm sure glad one brand finally decided to offer aircon in different colors.

Midea has recently launched a full line of cooling solutions last May 6 at Cafe Romulo. Midea is a world class appliance manufacturer and one of the biggest in the global appliance industry in China. It is engineered to meet the unique challenges faced by consumers on a daily basis.

Today’s technological innovations are changing the way Filipinos live, work, and play. Instead of technology shaping the way people live, innovations are now being optimized to even more suit the lifestyle of its users. In the appliance industry in particular, appliances are no longer just still figures but rather partners in homes and businesses, making them indispensable parts of everyday life.

“The growing economy opens new doors for young Filipinos and businessmen,” said Phillip F. Trapaga, General Manager of Concepcion Midea Inc. “But when it comes to cooling, each of these opportunities comes with distinct needs and preferences. So these hardworking individuals need a partner that can understand their needs.

Anchored on energy efficiency, affordability and quality, Midea’s new range of air conditioners features Window RAC, Split Type, Floor-Standing, Under Ceiling, and Cassette models. Each cooling system brings a unique set of advantages to the table.

Finding the right air conditioner, according to Trapaga, depends on a number of considerations—including size of area to be cooled, total heat generated within the space, and even architectural dimensions.

So, what exactly does Midea’s latest cooling systems offer to Filipinos?

The starter’s choice

The new homeowner has different priorities in mind, ranging from designs to costs in buying and operating. Still, energy efficiency, affordability and quality remain top-of-mind for these new homeowners and independence seekers who have just moved out of their parents homes and are moving into their new condominiums.

Taking this into consideration, Midea offers a range of home cooling solutions worthy of the hard-earned money of these starting homeowners. The Window Type air conditioner, for example, is a great option for first-time air con buyers. Trapaga said about the model, “This unit offers affordable cooling for the Filipino family.”

For those looking for Split-type air conditioners, Midea has three models that offer a variety of user advantages: the Primera, the Genesis White, and the Mirror Black.

As the entry-level model, Primera offers unparalleled functionality. The Eco Mode and Turbo feature combine optimum energy-savings and high-speed cooling in one air-conditioner. It also comes with specially designed silver ion filters, which help clean and disinfect rooms.

The Genesis White, on the other hand, is engineered for homeowners who place a greater emphasis on quiet operation. When Quiet Mode is engaged, its large diameter fan minimizes the indoor unit’s noise level—so owners can sleep soundly at night. It is designed for homeowners who want to have their first inverter split type air conditioner.

Finally, the Mirror Black is Midea’s top-of-the-line inverter split type air conditioner. Its Turbo DC Inverter and D-Tech function delivers premium energy efficiency and highly intelligent operation. At the same time, its sleek black finish makes it a beautiful design complement to any living space it’s installed in.

Superior cooling for larger spaces

Small commercial establishments and industrial businesses need the same level of comfort required by homeowners but on a larger scale. For this, Midea is rolling out three new models: Under Ceiling, Floor Mounted, and Cassette. Each unit is engineered for different installation parameters, making them convenient additions to any space.

The Midea Under Ceiling offers flexible installation, as users can place it on the ceiling or mount it on the wall. To supply better airflow, it is designed with Swing Torsion Angles. This cooling unit is available in fixed speed and inverter versions to meet a wider budget range.

Similarly, the Midea Floor Mounted comes in fixed speed and inverter. This air conditioner is engineered to deliver superior and efficient cooling. At the same time, its metallic accent instantly enhances interior aesthetics.

Last but not the least, the Midea Cassette Inverter can be installed in the ceilings of offices or even small living rooms. It boasts 360-degree Air Outlet that enables it to deliver comfortable cooling in every corner of the room. It even comes with a Built-In Drain Pump that can lift the condensing water by up to 750mm.

“Quality is not the only consideration that small business owners have to factor in. A strong aftermarket service is also essential because it assures consumers that they will not suffer from loss of business opportunities in the event of a breakdown,” Trapaga said.

Midea’s cooling solutions power international projects which include Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 1 and Beijing National Aquatics Center used in the 2008 Olympics. In the Philippines’ the brands cooling solutions are present in major projects like The Raven Bar in BGC.

MideamyPAL Nationwide Service

Midea brings these products to the Philippines with an unparalleled Global Quality standard and are backed by a very reliable and wide Midea MYPAL Nationwide service.

“Midea’s tried and tested global reputation is now complemented by local expertise,” commented Trapaga. “At the same time, we share the same standards of world-class quality in all our products.”

He closed, “Air-conditioning is just one cornerstone of Midea’s extensive portfolio. We are looking to roll out more appliances throughout 2015.”

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