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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Show your mother you care, the Goldilocks way

Show Your Mom She’s Your Number One

Let us celebrate the time of the year when our mother takes center stage. Let us show her how much we care by treating her to a whole day of spa, or give her that signature bag that she longs for, or simply spend the rest of the day bonding with her.

Have you hugged your mom today, or shown her any form of affection? If not, you might want to consider it. We often take for granted all the work our mothers have put into making sure we survive to a happy, healthy, and trouble-free adulthood. This month is the perfect chance to let them know how deeply grateful we are for their unconditional love, gentle guidance, and positive influence.
This loving supervision is often expressed through their words of wisdom. This May, Goldilocks aims to give mothers the praise they deserve by highlighting this intrinsic part of motherhood.

Everyone is invited to head to Twitter share their mothers’ Best Love Advice, under the hashtag #10coMOMments, from April 25 to May 4. Those who send the winning coMOMments will be awarded with a Limited Edition Cake of their choice. 

Indeed, it’s only fitting to preface your declaration of maternal devotion with a scrumptious cake from Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop. This month, Goldilocks is here to help you show your love with a truly sweet array of their popular Limited Edition Cakes.

Show your mother you think she’s a classic lady, sweet and sophisticated, with a gorgeous, chocolate Black Forest Cake. If your mother has always been the reliable bedrock of your life, earthy and wholesome, try giving her a slice of Carrot Walnut Cake to show your affection. Or if she’s always been the spark of any gathering, celebrate her zest for life with the richly delicious crunch of Chocolate Sansrival. Whatever flavor you choose, you’ll be letting her know that you love her.
Give your mother the number one treatment she deserves this Mother’s Day! Call 888-1-999 or visit any Goldilocks Bakeshop near you.

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