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Friday, May 29, 2015

In the Pink for Thomas Pink at Rustan's

Rustan's launches Thomas Pink last May 27 at Rustan's Dept, Store, Makati,  the epitome of traditional British shirtmaking brand for men– Thomas Pink. The launch was hosted by Victor Basa with guests from media.

Thomas Pink journey starts in London’s Jermyn Street, the home of traditional British shirtmaking, with its immaculate cut and finished, a Pink shirt is always the fitting beginning for an impeccable look. Now, who says real men cant wear pink?

Immaculately cut and finished, a Pink shirt is always the fitting beginning for an impeccable look.

 This luxury clothing brand that originated in Jermyn Street, London started back in the 18th century, when a tailor named Mr. Pink designed the very iconic hunting coat. Although it was made of scarlet cloth, it was always referred to as “Pink” in honor of its originator.

Today, Thomas Pink carries on the name and tradition of Mr. Pink, crafting shirts that enshrine the British heritage of the iconic Pink coat.  From formal to informal, the luxury shirt brand offers shirts for every occasion with over 80 stores around the world – including Rustan’s.

This season, Thomas Pink channeled the grand tradition of British exploration, travelling the world as inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The Journey yielded a whimsical fusion of innovative fabrications and modern approach to conventional Jermyn Street styling while travelling to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

From patterns inspired by the mosaics of India, to the lightweight fabrics of tropical travel, to the saturated colours of South America, Thomas Pink blurred the lines between casual and formal turning traditional shirting designs of stripes and checks into a global celebration.

Thomas Pink’s seasonal wanderlust started with fabric. Lightweight constructions combine with fine yarns to create silky chambrays and superfine panama weaves. The emphasis on travel allowed the versatility of linen and linen/cotton mixes to fully shine.

For the new season, linen shirt styles include colour-saturated solids, bright tartan plaids and dark slubby solids; cotton/linen mixes feature washed stripes, while the fine Panama weave transitions into Spring in ice cream pastels. Chambray surprises in solids and butcher stripes which feel silky and gossamer light. Unlined jackets in linens, cotton, and chambray finish off a look which transitions effortlessly between casual and formal.

The theme that runs through the collection is versatility. These are shirts which will work hard, covering a myriad of occasions, whether worn open necked, or with a tie or rumpled under a cotton jacket.
Thomas Pink is exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-la.

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