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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Clash of Clans officially brings back Hammer Jam

Clash of Clans, a leading freemium mobile strategy game, officially brings back Hammer Jam.


The Hammer Jam event initiates a massive update anticipated by all Communities and Clashers around the world who are very enthusiastic waiting for the first major update this year. The event updates will be available starting from March 31 until April 12, 2021.

Utilizing this event, all Clashers can maximize their level of buildings, troop levels, spells, and many more on their village, offering a 50% reduced upgrade times until April 12. To further enliven the event, players can watch the cinematic videos provided on the official social media of CoC starting from March 31, where all builders and their hammers are ready to keep up with the speed of the upgrades to give this hefty time discount!


A great period to make large progress on village, players can enjoy the Hammer Jam event regardless of Town Hall level. Will it be a signal that there will be a new townhall coming soon?


Additionally, there will be attractive in-game prizes for players who are active during the event and a great opportunity for Clashers who have been inactive for a long time and play the game again with in-game prizes that are a pity to miss. Hurry! Play CoC game again!



  1. This is a great news for those COC player. I also experience playing this game and I can say that this game is pretty good. That's why I can say that this is a perfect news for COC player out there because they can now upgrade anything that will be reduce 50% of its original waiting time. This event is awesome.

  2. Good news eto sa mga mahihilig mag online game.thank you for sharing mamsh.

  3. Favorite kopo itong COC. EHEHE. heto kasi nilalaro ko noon nung wala pang MOBILE LEGENDS. Talagang heto ang kinaadik ko noon kahit mapuyat pako at matulog na ng madaling araw 😅😁 Ang bongga naman pwedeng pwedeng ma maximize ng Lahat ng mga Clasher ang kanilang mga antas ng gusali, at may pa offering up to 50% reduced upgrade times until April 12. ❤️

  4. Wow thankyou for sharing this po . Good news po ito sa mga pamangkin ko na tlgang fan ng clash of clans ❤️ until april 12 pa pwedeng mag upgrade tlga nman marami pang matutuwa nito at mkakagamit ng offer nila 🤗(Apple Joy Camañero)

  5. Omg gusto ko na po ulit mag install ng coc. Grabi bumalik na pala yang event install ko po sya maya or tom thanks for sharing po

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