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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

HUAWEI introduces its very own WiFi 6 router

Nobody likes to be left behind – especially, given the fast-changing world where everyone is up to date with information right on their fingertips. Internet connection plays a vital role in everyone's lives – from students, workers, gamers and even staying connected to family from all over the world.


The rise of WiFi 6 brings connectivity to a whole new level. WiFi connectivity of this new generation of wireless internet connectivity brings consumers the ultimate connection that they never thought that was once possible – high speed, low latency, power-saving options resulting in very reliable connections. In the arena of WiFi routers, HUAWEI has of course its very own WiFi 6 router – but with added benefits and an introduction into the seamless experience within HUAWEI’s Ecosystem which will revolutionize what you know about work, play, and lifestyle.





 The HUAWEI WiFi AX3 WiFi 6 Plus can be easily managed via the  HUAWEI Smarthome App on your smartphone which allows you to connect seamlessly with other devices following HUAWEI’s 1+8+N Ecosystem Strategy. a revolutionary feature which allows wireless, seamless and intelligent connected coordination within HUAWEI smart devices. This is initiated by the router’s HUAWEI Share feature - connections initiated in NFC devices are activated with just one touch  on the router. This is ideal especially when you would want to share your connection with your guests, without having to share your password or in your office where you would like to give public access from your connection. 


The power in this device also links out to your other smart devices – other than smartphones, tablets and PCs – the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6Plus links out to the new upcoming devices which HUAWEI has instore such as the OPPLE Smart Lamp.




The HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus is the world’s first WiFi 6+ router making it the best consumer router and most advanced WiFi 6 router to date with its own unique GigaHome chipset and security system, the HUAWEI HomeSec. With the GigaHome 650 chipset, the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6plus amps up connectivity for up to 3000 mbps! Now, consumers can say goodbye to slow speed, annoying lags and interruptions – all without having to change or upgrade internet plans.  Work, school comes easy without having to miss a class or an important presentation. This will surely give you the added dose of productivity into all your work and assignments! Even leisure activities like movie streaming or gaming can flow smoothly and seamlessly without lags and freeze for you to perform at your best.


The HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus router also has a wall penetration feature providing an ultra-large 4x connectivity capacity that would make sure that there are no dead spots within your home or office. This large bandwidth with 160 MHz makes sure that all your devices receive ample connection that helps you perform optimally from anywhere in your home. 


HUAWEI’s WiFi AX3 6 Plus is also equipped with a security-like system that helps prevent any unnecessary threats and harmful content. The HUAWEI HomeSec provides optimal security for all your devices! It has the TrustZone Solution, infused with the GigaHome CPU which has an internal security domain providing reliable security. To keep hackers at bay, it has the Anti-Cracking, Anti-Brute Algorithm, and WiFi Encryption key features that block unknown devices that might possibly steal valuable information with its automatic identification preventing transversal attacks and a blacklist feature that helps you filter out inappropriate content.





The HUAWEI WiFi AX3 also has several uses as well - first, as a main router connected to your modem boosting internet speed from traditional routers that can support multiple devices. Second, as a WiFi extender and booster which charges up your connection and provides powerful internet access, especially useful for large homes or office spaces. Lastly, the router can also be used as the mother system for mesh networking which gives you a future-ready connection access in your home.


The HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus is the benchmark for the new generation of WiFi 6 technology with its unique 3000 mbps GigaHome Quadcore Chipset for even faster speed and connectivity, its signature HUAWEI Share intelligent technology and HUAWEI HomeSec features that keeps your connection even more secure than ever. The HUAWEI WiFi 6+ AX3 is now available for only Php 3, 999 via Lazada, Shoppee, and the HUAWEI Store.


On the other hand, the HUAWEI WS2500 is the more affordable option at only Php 1, 599! This router is equipped with Huawei’s signature Gigahome dual-core CPU which provides gigabit networks ports and allows broadband access for up to 500 Mbps of bandwidth. This router is also manageable via the HUAWEI SmartHome App which allows seamless living as easy as possible. The HUAWEI WS2500 is also easily available via LazadaShopee, and of course, the HUAWEI Store. Aside from these platforms, you can also refer here for a list of physical stores where you can pre-order your very own unit!


All these benefits and more truly provide you to perform at your best – safely, reliably, securely and powerfully. Additionally, the HUAWEI WiFi 6+ AX3 and WS2500 router's have a one year warranty coverage with a 7 day replacement time on defects caused by unintended physical or internal damages following HUAWEI’s official validation process within the warranty period.


Click here information about the HUAWEI WiFi 6+ AX3 and the HUAWEI WS2500.




  1. Wow bongga naman nang Huawei. Thank you for sharing this po.

  2. Wow grabe ang huawei tlgang 6 routers nakka.amaze 😍 supee easy lang niya sa huawei smarthome app . Tlgang the to sa mga gamer lalo na sa mga working at sa mg student . Very affordable price pa 😍❤️(Apple Joy Camañero)

  3. i like this huawei WiFi 6 router, it gives ultimate connection experience. i like that it gives a reliable, safe, fast, and powerful internet access. i am impressed with this.

  4. This is really great. I agree that no one wants to be left behind by this trend. That's why I like this Huawei for making this Huawei WiFi 6 router to give its user a great internet connection that they can only experience in Huawei. I know that a lot of people will be happy for this news since a lot of students are studying through online because of low internet connection. Now, they have the choice and enjoy this great offer from Huawei.

  5. Wow. Ang Bongga talaga ng Huawei wifi 6 router. Talagang perfect na perfect ito sa mga nag oonline class at Nag wowork sa bahay.. Basta tatak huawei asahan natin maganda talaga ang quality nya Lalo na yung connection nya. Heto talaga ang gusto natin sa mga cp ang.. Halos lahat nandito na sa Huawei. 💖


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