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Monday, March 22, 2021

Have “Knots and Knots of fun” bonding with your family as you enjoy Cheesy Knots snacks

Staying indoors for too long can make your kids feel bored. Instead of letting them spend their days glued to their smartphones or tablets, try these activities that you can actually do with them. Now, you’re not only adding excitement to their moments at home, you also get to bond and have fun together.


Check out these four fun and exciting at-home activities your kids will love doing with you:


Indoor scavenger hunt


Hide different items around the house and have your little ones search for them. To make this more interesting, make the clues specific to your family  information only you and your family would know like items or places linked to their favorites or special memories.


If you see your kids having fun with this game, make it a weekly habit. You can even assign a host among your family members every week so even the kids get the feel of hiding something. If they’re too young, you or an older sibling can pair up with them.

Your own dance party


Exercising is always advised, especially now that we’re all cooped up indoors. Make it a lot more fun by dancing the night (or day) away with the whole family. Allow different family members to suggest different songs of their preference so everyone gets their share of leading the dance.


Just let loose, laugh, and break a sweat together.


Karaoke time


Karaoke is a very Filipino family activity. You can take it up a notch by turning it into a full-on singing competition. Pick a theme every week: can be based on the singer, the genre of the song, or even the current occasion (like Christmas songs for the Holidays, love songs for Valentine’s Day, etc.), and have family members perform based on the theme. Make it extra glamorous by wearing costumes that align with the performance.


You can include exciting prizes like unlimited Cheesy Knots snacks, no chores for three days, or more TV time.


Do Knot forget the snacks


To make each activity even more fun, have some snacks! And since we’re talking about bringing joy into your little ones’ days, you can’t go wrong with Cheesy Knots. It’s a yummy pretzel snack, with milky cheese flavored coating. 


Make sure to stock up your pantry with Cheesy Knots, so everyone can munch on them while having the best time together as a family. Have “Knots and Knots of fun” bonding with your family as you enjoy this new delicious treat. 


If you’re looking for more exciting activities to try out with your family, check the Club Knots Facebook page. It’s filled with creative activity videos you and your kids can do together. 


  1. Yay 😍😍 Masarap nga talaga to. Favorite ko talaga to simula pa nung bata pa ako.. Hndi nakakasawa ang lasa. Actually heto narin ang kinakain ng anak ko. Favorite nya narin ito..

  2. Masarap talaga and favorite pasalubong ko sa mga kids kapag nauwi ako sa bahay from work. Hehehe.

  3. Wow magandang idea nga po ito ngyong lockdown na , mag eenjoy ang mga kids sa mga activities na pwede nmin gawin sa bahay ksama ang jack n jill cheesy knot . Pra hndi din sila laging naka focus sa kanilang mga gadgets ❤️😍 thankyou for sharing this po very helpful ito lalo na sa mga mommy na tulad ko 😍(Apple Joy Camañero)

  4. boredom is one of the major challenges every family is struggling about this pandemic. staying at home for more than a year with same routine is tiring specially with the kids. these at home activities that your have listed are a nice alternatives to our usual past time and may minimize kid's exposure to gadgets. i agree that a perfect snacks like Cheesy Knots will add more fun and excitement. we will surely enjoy this delicious snacks.

  5. That's it. It's really boring staying at home doing nothing because of this pandemic that we are facing right now. That's why these tips are really interesting do and I think this will ease the boredom of the family especially for kids. Kids nowadays are getting addicted on their mobile phones that's this is also a good opportunity to lessen their exposure to gadgets that can bring them harmful effect. You can give your kids a perfect snack and more fun at the same time.


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