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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

PLDT Home’s #SheConnects campaign aims to cultivate a community of connected women empowering and inspiring one another

This Women’s Month, PLDT Home celebrates the power of female connections in a unique video series dubbed #SheConnects that features four empowered Filipinas who are builders, champions, and beacons of today’s generation. 


PLDT Home’s #SheConnects campaign aims to cultivate a community of connected women empowering and inspiring one another. This has not been more essential nor timely, than it is today. Amidst the challenges of a raging pandemic, providing a platform where women can convene and come together is nothing short of spectacular. Here, one woman’s success can be the bridge to fulfilling another woman’s dream. 


“With #SheConnects we want to shine the spotlight on incredible women who are trailblazers in their respective fields. We hope that their stories will inspire and empower other women to continue making a positive impact in society,” shares Butch Jimenez, PLDT Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Business – Home Group.


Frontlining PLDT Home’s #SheConnects campaign are four Filipinas whose advocacies and achievements are shining examples of women empowerment: Athlete, TV personality and “Woman in Action” Gretchen Ho as Beacon; Masungi Georeserve Founders and Managing Trustees Billie and Ann Dumaliang as Champions; and Social entrepreneur and Messy Bessy owner Krie Lopez as Builder. 


As a beacon and role model for today’s youth, Gretchen continues to inspire others to speak up and shed light on issues that impact women. From her days as a champion athlete to now being a rising-star in the news industry, Gretchen Ho is paving the way for women to use their platforms to tell their stories and be brave to stand up for what they believe in. 


Sisters Billie & Ann Dumaliang show other women how to be brave about one’s purpose. With dedication and effort, they have turned the Masungi Georeserve into a massively thriving example of commitment to help sustain the Philippines’ natural resources. Breaking away from the norms of corporate work, the sisters took the road less traveled and aimed for environmental awareness and conservation. They are a shining example of how women can become champions for future generation. 


Krie Lopez built a business with the heart at its core – love for people and planet. This has been her battle-cry from the very start. Making social enterprise a social responsibility, she has been an advocate of inclusivity for all women by providing them not just jobs but also education and holistic development. For years, she has been connecting women from different backgrounds, especially those considered “unskilled laborers,” to opportunities that can impact their lives for the better. 


Championing their causes, PLDT Home encourages every empowered woman to rise up and make a positive impact to other people’s lives through the power of their strongest connections at home. Through this campaign, women can elevate and educate others through a voice that can be heard clear across all generations.


Learn how to be a woman builder, champion, and beacon just like Gretchen Ho, Billie and Ann Dumaliang, and Krie Lopez by watching the series of Virtual Master classes on PLDT Home’s social media pages: YoutubeFacebook, and Twitter




  1. Galing naman nang PLDT. Happy International Womens Month po.

  2. Ang nice naman po nito. The best talaga ang pldt. Highly Recommended po talaga ito

  3. Wow iba tlga at the best ang pldt . Super laking tulong nito . Super inspire and empower other women 😍 thankyou for sharing this po 😍❤️ (Apple Joy Camañero)

  4. i like this PLDT Home’s #SheConnects campaign, it is a platform where women can inspire each other and make a positive impact to other people's lives. their four featured empowered filipinas are inspiring with their achievements on their own field. kudos pldt for this campaign to promote women empowerment.

  5. I love this PLDT #SheConnects campaign because it focuses on making all the women to be inspired to pursue what they love in life. It's true that some women out there are afraid to try something even if that's what they want because they are afraid of criticism. I think with the help of this campaign from PLDT a lot of women will do their best to shine on their chosen field. Well done PLDT.


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