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Saturday, March 20, 2021

NutriAsia provides free COVID-19 vaccines to its employees and their qualified dependents

NutriAsia, the Philippines’ leading company for condiments and sauces, attributes its success to its people who are committed to providing excellent and quality products for every Filipino household.  As such, the company considers People its most important asset and is providing free COVID-19 vaccines to its employees and their qualified dependents to protect them and safeguard their good health.  The implementation of the planned vaccination program will follow government regulations and guidelines.  

“A staple on every Filipino table, NutriAsia and its brands are wholeheartedly committed to aid our national government in its pursuit to fight COVID-19 and its effects. We are choosing to proactively be part of the solution to end the worst public health crisis in a century with the decision to give our employees and three of their qualified dependents the option to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus,” says Joselito Campos, Jr., Chairman of NutriAsia“Knowing that family is at the heart of any person, we feel that extending the vaccination option to our employees’ dependents will give our people peace of mind with the assurance of their loved ones’ health and safety.  This is important as our employees continue to help rebuild the economy through invaluable frontline work at NutriAsia by providing basic food products for their countrymen.” 

 Guided by Filipino values that have shaped how the company has moved forward, NutriAsia will continue to agilely respond to the changing nature of the pandemic, as it remains a steadfast partner of Filipino homes all over the world in looking forward to better, brighter days ahead. 


  1. Wow naman. So kind and generous naman nang NUTRIASIA.

  2. Napaka generous naman po. Godbless po. Pero sana tlaga mawala natong pandemic na nangyayari sating Lahat..

  3. Wow ang galing nman nutriasia tlgang malaking tulong ito sa mga employee . Lalo na sa panahon ngyon ito din tlga Ang isa sa mga need ng mga tao . Pra maging safe silang lahat para sa kanilang family ❤️😍 (Apple Joy Camañero)

  4. I love how NutriAsia take care of their people especially this time of pandemic. This is a good offer and good news for their employees. I also love how they consider the people as its most important asset. Aside from their generosity, I also love NutriAsia for providing excellent and quality products for every Filipino household.

  5. Kudos for this awesome vaccination program. I love this initiative of NutriAsia to help our national government with its battle against this pandemic. NutriAsia is commendable for giving free covid 19 vaccines to its employees including their dependents. This will truly help them have peace of mind.


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