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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Put yourself in someone else's shoes or slippers and continue to spread love and positivity with Havaianas!

For Pinoy kids who grew up in the 70’s through the 90’s the slippers or tsinelas was more than just a type of footwear: it was a symbol of summer—and freedom from the black leathers shoes that we wore in school; a toy / prop for street games such as tumbang preso and sipa; and also a nanay’s choice of weapon for dishing out some punishment.


It was way back during the Spanish era when Filipinos were first introduced to “chinelas” a versatile footwear you can wear come rain or shine. But it was less than two decades ago when we finally called it “flip-flops” just like the rest of the world—and that was because of Havaianas.


In an interview, Havaianas Philippines founder Anne Gonzalez, said it was Havaianas’ distinct summer branding that “strikes a chord with Filipinos.”


“Growing up in the Philippines, whenever we think about the last day of school, about childhood memories, or something fun and nostalgic, those thoughts would almost always tie back to summer,” she notes. “It’s something that connects with us—the idea of that season as an awesome and positive feeling. And that’s what we deliver with our brand. For us, summer is a state of mind. It’s not just a season,” Gonzalez shared.


“You know, life can get so complicated and the world today is so uncertain,” Gonzalez says. “If we can give people a little bit of happiness on their feet, why not?,” she added.


And with everything that’s happened in the past year we really could use some happiness wherever it might come from.


This summer, Havaianas is launching a new campaign where for every pair of Havaianas you buy, they will donate 1 Havaianas pair to a frontliner hero! 


As part of Havaianas' empathy campaign, they  recognize our Health Care workers, Farmers, and frontliners that are making sacrifices every day for the greater good.  


Havaianas pairs come in different designs. Choices are endless for every personality, mood, or occasion. Havaianas brings good vibes to people of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities and styles. The designs and materials are perfectly suited for the tropical climate of the Philippines and its relaxed culture. The flip-flops can be worn all day long without sacrificing comfort and quality.  



How’s that for spreading some summer cheer?


Now you can share the same comfort and quality with the real heroes of this pandemic—our frontliners who risk their lives everyday in this battle against an unseen enemy. Everyday their tired feet deserves some comfort, and what better way to help them relax than with a fun pair of Havaianas.

Put yourself in someone else's shoes or slippers and continue to spread love and positivity with Havaianas! Shop Havaianas in Shopee !

Donate a pair of Havaianas flip-flops when you purchase one (1) pair at


#EmpathyLeadsToEmpathy #HavaianasPhilippines

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  1. i agree that slippers have many uses before, it is nostalgic. i love this new campaign of Havaianas of spreading love and positivity. it is good that in every pair of Havaianas we buy, we will donate 1 Havaianas pair to a frontliner hero. i like that in our own simple ways we can give comfort and happiness to our frontliners who have been putting their lives to risk for us. kudos Havaianas!

  2. ang gaganda ng color ng slippers nila, super comfy pa isuot, basta tatak havainas tlaga quality yan at ang galing naman ng naisip nila na to, such a great campaign po, sobrang dami nila mapapasaya jan for sure sakabila ng nangyayare po buti na lang tlaga madami pa dn na katulad nila na willing tumulong po, laking tulong po tlaga nyan lalo na para sa mga minamahal nating frontliners po :)

  3. Wow ang ganda naman ng mga slippers ng havainas ay ang Dami pang color at design na talagang mapipili mo ang gusto mo. Maganda pa naman talaga ang quality ng havainas. Sobrang komportable pa naman kapag heto ang suot natin.. Ang ganda naman po ng campaign ng Havainas. Talagang madami nnman taong mapapasaya dito specially ang mga frontliners, Very Helpful po talaga ito para sa kanila.. Kahit sa ganitong paraan gumawa talaga sila ng paraan para mapasaya sila..

  4. True po , madalas natin din tlga ito ginagamit sa ating paglalaro at tlaga nmn natuwa ako sa nanay's choice of weapon for dishing out some punishment hehe totoo nman ❤️😅 tlgang npka ganda ng campaign ng havainas . Mgaganda ang design at kulay . Makakatulong pa sa mga frontliners ❤️(Apple Joy Camañero)

  5. I have a lot of memories about slippers since childhood. Some of it are fun and good while some are a bit bad. I believe that most of us have this kind of memories. Well to be honest I really love this slippers from havaianas because it is good for everything and also has a good quality. I also love that Havaianas is launching a new campaign where for every pair of Havaianas you buy, they will donate 1 Havaianas pair to a frontliner hero. which is connected from the headline that tells us to "Put yourself in someone else's shoes or slippers and continue to spread love and positivity with Havaianas". It's more on sharing your blessings. If you give yourself a slipper, you're also giving it to someone else.

  6. Ang ganda talaga nang slippers nang havaianas. Super matibay and perfect sa mga frontliners. Spread Love And Share Your Blessings.


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