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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Shopppers turn to Super Minimart as transition to ‘normalcy’ continues

 Almost a year into varying levels of quarantine, the country has experienced quite a lifestyle shift that made people wary of going out too far from their homes.

While most are expecting the restrictions to taper off, we are still far from being “back to normal”. So there are still a few who choose to err on the side of caution, especially families who live with children and/or seniors.


Shoppers queue to get their daily needs at a nearby Alfamart. Foot traffic has gone down throughout the pandemic, but each customer buys more to stock up their respective pantries.

“I try not to go far, or to any places that may be crowded, when I have to shop for our household needs,” said Beverly, a household helper in a Quezon City subdivision. Beverly is employed by a senior citizen couple so she cannot go off too far and risk infection. “Fortunately, we have an Alfamart here inside the subdivision; walking distance from the house. That’s where I tend to shop nowadays,” she continued in Filipino.


Beverly added that, over the past year, she and other people in their subdivision have gotten used to going to Super Minimarts. “We thought the [Alfamart] was just a convenience store, but over the pandemic we discovered that it does provide other items like meat, fish, and many other household needs.” she said.


A customer is assisted by Alfamart staff. As more people turn to nearby Alfamart branches to get their needs, store staff are all the more helpful.

Minimarts have become a welcome convenience to communities, especially during the pandemic. According to Alfamart, the first and only Super Minimart chain in the Philippines, while there has understandably been less foot-traffic in their stores, the amount of items purchased per customer has increased.



  1. Yes true simula nagka pandemic mas mganda tlgang sa alfamart nlng dahil hndi tlga siya crowded gaya sa iba . At hndi na natin kailangn lumayo pa dahil madalas mismo sa subdivision meron na nito at tlgang lahat ng needs ntin andito na . Very convenient store tlga ang alfamart ❤️😍(Apple Joy Camañero)

  2. Ayy yess. alfamart din kami ng family ko. Malapit lang kami sa alfamart at malinis sa loob ng Grocery. Mababait pa ang mga staff.. Kaya Gustong gusto namin bumili sa alfamart.

  3. kami din po nitong nag pandemic mas naapreciate namin yung alfamart. most of our stocks sa alfamart namin binibili lalo na po yung chicken nila, mas mura pa kesa sa manok na nabibili sa palengke, ang nagiging problema lang po namin madaling ma out of stock dahil halos lahat din ng kababayan namin sa alfamart din bumibili. nevertheless, super convenient po dito sa alfamart.

  4. Thank you fo sharing Alfamart po.Great help ito kasi bukod sa affordable na yung bilihin less hassle pa.Hindi mo na kailangan makihalubilo or lumabas ng bahay kasi pwede kana din mamili online.Perfect lalo na ngayong hindi pa bumabalik sa normal lahat

  5. Galing tlaga nang alfamart. Bukod sa malapit very convenient, napaka caring pa nang mga crew nila. They help some costumer to find what they are looking for. And super affordable pa sila.


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