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Friday, July 2, 2021

BDO Unibank enumerates six useful tips to keep the clients safe when making transactions

SCAMS are becoming increasingly “authentic” and “sophisticated”. But there are ways to spot and outsmart them. 


BDO Unibank enumerates six useful tips to keep the clients safe when making transactions using their debit and credit cards:


1.    Never share your One-Time PIN (OTP), card/account/reference number, or three-digit CVV with anyone, even if the person calling tells you he or she is from the bank. Real bank representatives will never ask for any of these confidential information.

2.    Do not verify your account by clicking on a link sent via email or SMS. These links will redirect you to a website that imitates the bank’s official website. These fake websites are used to steal your information. 

BDO, for its part, will only send links to share information such as card promotions. When clients encounter suspicious emails, BDO’s advice is to send them to

3.    Only transact using BDO Digital Banking app or BDO Pay. If a client uses the web browser, just type on the address bar to access the BDO Digital Banking account. Remember that BDO will never ask clients to log in to their Digital Banking account through a link. ​

4.    If BDO monitors a suspicious transaction, the bank sends a transaction alert notification to its cardholder’s registered mobile number. Using its legitimate sender ID -- BDO-Alert, the bank will provide the amount charged to the cardholder’s debit or credit card, and the merchant where the item was purchased. The cardholder will then be asked to verify the transaction via SMS.

If the cardholder did not make the transaction, they are advised to call BDO Customer Contact Center Hotline at (02) 8631-8000 or message BDO Customer Care with a blue verified checkmark on Facebook Messenger.

5.    Before traveling abroad, BDO reminds clients to check their available credit card limit and inform the bank how long they will be away prior to their trip. Doing so will allow the bank to take note of their overseas transactions. However, for added protection, the bank may still send SMS alerts or make calls to verify purchases.

6.    Cardholders have the option to lock and unlock their debit and credit cards using BDO Digital Banking to manage their transactions. This function comes in handy if they misplace their cards. When suspicious transactions are detected however, the bank will temporarily lock a client’s card.


To reactivate a locked card, clients may use either of these options: via BDO’s official website (click on “Cards,” “Credit Cards,” “Card Services,” then “Activation”) or through BDO Digital Banking mobile app (click on “More,” “Security Management,” then slide toggle button on card to be unlocked; wait for OTP and enter it to confirm). Cardholders can also text UB YES <reference number> to 225678 or call the hotline at (02) 8702 6888.


BDO continues to advise its cardholders to always be vigilant and protect their sensitive information to avoid falling victim to fraudulent acts.



  1. Thanks for this BDO. The 6 tips are very helpful and useful especially to their clients. It is very important to know this 6 tips and also we need to know how to be safe when making transactions. I agree that we need to secure our pin and not to share this to others đŸ„°

  2. Its really important to keep our accounts safe and to avoid scammer for our own goods too. Its amazing that BDO Unibank enumerates six useful tips to keep the clients safe when making transactions using their debit and credit cards. This is really helpful and informative.

  3. Ang nice naman po nito.. Napakalaking tulong po nitong 6 tips very informative.. Napaka halaga pa naman na malaman natin ito para maiwasan ang mga magagaling mang scam. Yess po need talaga na isecure ang mga pin natin at hndi natin need ishare sa iba. Thankyou for sharing this po..

  4. These are helpful to us, public awareness and understandable . very well stated

  5. It's really saddening that despite what we are going through nowadays, there's still someone out there that keeps on doing heinous acts.
    These useful tips from BDO Unibank are very helpful to keep its client safe from fraudulent acts.


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