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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Here is a four-step recipe for managing stress while working from home

For over a year now, many people have been cooped up at home, juggling the responsibilities of home and work. Without a clear line between the two, life at home could get overwhelming and stressful. Don’t let stress take over your days.


Here is a four-step recipe for managing stress while working from home.


Maintain a routine


A routine helps you manage your time for work and your family. Start by setting a schedule for your main tasks for the day. This will help you establish a rhythm that works best for you, and let you identify and get rid of what doesn’t work. A routine also serves as a reminder that you are still in control of your life and whatever happens in it, regardless of how many last-minute requests and changes come in between. 


What should a routine look like? It’s as simple as having a warm cup of coffee and getting dressed in the morning. Doing either of these two, or even both, can be the first step in creating a structure in your days.


Prioritize taking a break


Back-to-back virtual meetings can be draining. The so-called Zoom fatigue is real, and it can impact your motivation to work while at home. Apart from virtual meetings, tasks tend to pile up in no time, just like before the pandemic. So, take a break.


It may be easier said than done, but you need to take a break from your screen, and that includes your phone -- even just a 10-minute break could help. Or try setting aside merienda every day. In doing so, this allows you a momentary breather from the busy schedule, step away from stress, and gather your thoughts.

Move around


Exercise has always been helpful in keeping you alert, stress-free, and healthy. Keep moving to keep going every day. A 10-minute yoga routine, a 15-minute run, or a 30-minute workout -- any of these things can help you lower stress levels, and prevent eye strain, stiffness of the muscles, and even headaches.


Try any activity that lets you keep your body moving and helps your mind drift away from negative vibes. What matters is you’re up on your feet.


Eat healthy


Keeping a healthy diet should always be a top priority. Don’t let stress or WFH fatigue get the best of you and your health. Of course, maintaining a healthy diet is easier said than done. But you can start by eating by taking vibrant and colorful meals to get the important nutrients that keep you strong and healthy.


What matters today is consuming food that boosts your immunity, just like the C2 Plus Immuno-C, an orange-flavored drink that combines the power of Vitamin C and Zinc to help strengthen the body’s immune defenses. 


Keep the stress levels at bay by staying awake, alert, healthy, and on top of your WFH game. Boost your immune system and grab C2 Plus Immuno-C at the Go Robinsons website from the safety of your home.

For additional tips on how to keep cool under pressure and stress, visit the official Facebook page of C2 Cool and Clean. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this. These four step recipe for managing stress is a a big help since working from home requires modifications to a traditional workday. The blending of responsibilities from two major areas of our lives, work and home, can be a considerable source of stress especially during a pandemic.

  2. As a mom of four kids, it is very difficult for me to do all the households. Effective time management and proper routine lessens my stress and be more productive.Good diet also helps me to become alert and enthusiastic 😆🙂. Honestly, it is very depressing and stressful in taking care of four kids, that's why I always encourage myself to have me time like watching movies and listening music. I let my kids busy by letting them play video games, arts, and running around our house so I have time for myself.I realize that if you feel okay and have enough rest , you can be better parents to your kids

  3. This is very helpful especially nowadays many people experienced stress and this four-step recipe are very important to know because it can help us to manage our stress. As a parent, talagang Ang daming bagay na nagbibigay sayo Ng stress Lalo na ngayong pandemic kaya itong blog na ito ay talagang worth it to read. Thanks for sharing this po. And so nice din nitong C2 Plus Immuno-C 🥰

  4. This pandemic is really stressing. It has cost a lot of damage to our economy that is the reason why a lot of is are stress. The struggle of having work from home and online class is really frustrating. That's why I find this blog really inte and helpful. This is something that everyone should know. We should take care of our mental health always.

  5. All this tips and Reminders was really helpfutl truly indeed minsan need po talaga nating magPahinga yung hindi puro trabahoz then eating a healthy food, exercise, sleep sa tamang oras move in and etc. Na alam nating makakatulong sa ating katawan... very nice Blog Mommy Lou. Sobrang laking tulong po nito 💕💕

  6. I just need this , actually badly,it's a feel good tips to share this with us ! Reminder save and I am so thankful for sharing this to us,so much appreciative .

  7. Working from home sometimes gives us stress especially if we have a deadline. These four step recipe that you have listed are very helpful and effective.
    C2 Plus Immuno-C is a great immunity booster that can help us relieved stress


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