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Friday, July 9, 2021

The vivo V21 is Maine Mendoza’s smartphone choice for the on-the-go digital lifestyle she has

For many students and workers, smartphones have been a vital extension of their remote work setup. It enables them to have the mobility they need as they cater to their day-to-day tasks. But while it offers the benefit of flexibility, it’s pretty common that users experience lags and crashes on their smartphones — especially when they run multiple apps. 


Living an on-the-go digital lifestyle means relying on a device that performs at par with one’s level of productivity. This is why people choose a smartphone that is packed with all the features that can help one power through their workday.

The vivo V21 is Maine Mendoza’s smartphone choice for the on-the-go digital lifestyle she has


One of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, vivo, introduces the V21 series which incorporates virtual RAM. RAM or Random Access Memory serves as data storage for the apps running on your phone. The vivo V21 series has a built-in 8GB RAM, but to allow for better productivity for its users, it also integrates a virtual 3GB RAM. This allows the device to “borrow” an extra 3GB from its internal storage when the 8GB is already used up by multiple apps. Think of the 8GB RAM as your bag, and the virtual 3GB as its compartments — it gives you more space to set things in without the need for another suitcase.


This extended RAM feature in the V21 series makes the smartphone work with a total memory of 11GB. So, even if you use multiple apps for work, it paves the way for a smooth and lag-free user experience. No need to worry about your device crashing when you’re working on a live doc while also tuned in on a virtual meeting.


While the vivo V21 series backs up productivity, it also has the best features for all the fun things one can do on a smartphone. Its front camera comes with an impressive 44MP display and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature, so users can have the best well-lit selfies even if they shoot at night time. The rear camera, on the other hand, supports a 64MP resolution with an Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) feature. This technology minimizes unnecessary motion so photos and videos are captured in a steady frame. Surely, with these stunning camera features in the vivo V21, users can take fun breaks between work and shoot ‘Gram-worthy snaps every time.


New Selfie Portrait Master Maine Mendoza shows that beyond work, the vivo V21 caters to your fun break moments.


Another factor that people can take pride in this flagship series is its battery’s ability to last for a long time. With a 4000mAh battery and 33W FlashCharge properties, they can perform their work throughout the whole day with just a single full charge.


These exciting features in the vivo V21 are all within the phone’s 7.29mm ultra-slim design. Its artistic look and feather-light weight can make a user feel that they got power and grip as they tend to their work tasks.


The vivo V21 is available in all vivo kiosks and stores, as well as the brand’s official Lazada and Shopee pages. It starts at an SRP of PHP 16,999. To know more about the V21 series, follow vivo’s FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages.



  1. What a good specs ..the Vivo V12 has ! Total of enormous exciting features! Ika Nga eh Gram-worthy snap everytime! Plus the fact that Maine Mendoza was a perfect endorser ❤️

  2. Vivo is one of the well-known and most trusted brand when it comes to mobile phone. I really love this new Vivo V21 series its has a big ram so you can download many videos and apps. It has a good features and very nice specs. Very recommended and must have🥰😍

  3. Kilala na talaga natin ang brand ng vivo.. Alam na alam talaga natin na napaka ganda ng specs and maganda rin talaga ang quality nito. And perfect talaga ito sa mga mahihilig mag selfie.. Talagang matutuwa dito ang mga vivo user.. Worth it to buy talaga lalo nat napaka affordable pa. 😍

  4. Wow.. sulit na sulit po talaga ang gagastusin mo para sa Vivo V21 na to dahil sa sobrang ganda ng Specs, Qauality and Camera na talaga nmang napaka Linaw

  5. I really like this vivo V21 series because it has amazing specifications that people will surely love. It also has this extended RAM feature in the V21 series make smartphone work with total memory of 11GB. This really help people to use multiple apps for work because it paves the way for smooth and lag-free experience. This is really perfect

  6. We can safely say that the V21 is one of the most beautifully looking phone designed by Vivo so far. The smartphone is very sleek and looks strikingly beautiful. The smartphone looks premium and has a very high specs.

  7. vivo V21 is really perfect for an on-the-go digital lifestyle. I like its superb features and how it allows better productivity to its users. This is indeed a value for money.


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