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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Huawei device ecosystem elevates the way you work, study, or play

Back to school, back to work, or back on the couch - Huawei devices offer the smartest and most exciting tech experiences around. In addition to sporting the latest and greatest hardware available on the market, Huawei has significantly invested in making connectivity between its products smooth and seamless in any scenario.


Here are a few common occasions where the Huawei device ecosystem elevates the way you work, study, or play.


Working smarter


The Huawei nova 8 and 8i have a superb 64MP Quad-Camera System with matching AI capabilities that can capture even the smallest of details -- like those on important paper documents (contracts, invoices, receipts, etc) that need to be sent via emails, ASAP. Simply point the nova 8 and 8i cameras on said document, tap the shutter, then beam to the MateBook D 15 via Huawei Share, quick and easy.


This wireless connectivity supports not only speedy file transfers but also mirroring phone screens and apps onto the MateBook for maximum productivity.


Leveled-up learning

Schooling gets a considerable overhaul with mostly online learning setups, making laptops like the MateBook D 15 2021 essential tools for students. The machine’s built-in high-resolution pop-out webcam shines during online classes, and connecting a pair of FreeBuds 4 earphones ensures students can focus on the lessons with their comfy fit, high-quality audio and Active Noise Cancellation 2.0. Quick pairing also means audio greatness is always ready to go with a flip of the charging case.


School projects requiring a few creative visuals also benefit from the Huawei nova 8 and its 64MP Quad-Camera setup, which includes a 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle lens. These optics bring out lifelike quality and dramatic depth for those artistic projects and are sure to encourage all burgeoning photography talents. 


Relax in perfect sync


After a tiring day, nothing beats plopping down on the couch and catching up on the latest shows, social media trends, or games with the Huawei nova 8i. The dazzling Edgeless Display is as immersive as ever, and getting lost in hours of fun content is barely a problem especially with the phone’s 66W SuperCharge feature. This SuperCharge tech can refuel the device to full in just 38 minutes -- plenty of time while you refuel yourself with a tasty snack or beverage.


Petal Search and AppGallery welcomes you to a world of wonderful apps


Petal Search is a handy search widget that lets users track down and download apps in just a few taps. Just like any normal search bar, users simply type in the name of the app they need and Petal Search will present all top and relevant app results, complete with the quick option to download and install them. No need to flick through layers of menus -- just a quick and convenient way to get to the apps that matter to users.


If Petal Search was a quick, no-fuss method of getting apps on a Huawei smartphone, then AppGallery is a sprawling and exciting playground where users can discover new and old favorites alike. Huawei’s home-brewed AppGallery is the third-biggest app distribution platform globally, with millions of monthly active users and more apps being added to its repertoire every day.

Check out the apps that you can enjoy with your HUAWEI nova 8 and 8i:


It’s a great year to own Huawei devices, given the tech giant’s significant strides in creating a cohesive experience across its smartphone, PC, audio, and wearable products.


Price and Availability

      HUAWEI nova 8 - SRP: PHP 19,999 

      HUAWEI nova 8i - SRP: PHP 13,999

      HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 - SRP: PHP 7,999

      HUAWEI MateBook D 15 2021 10th Gen - PHP 39,999  



  1. Oh I love everything about Huawei!
    Always finds ways to be great and good ! I'm excited to have it ! And experience it too

  2. That so good ,everytime huawei,💗💗

  3. A highly recommended and the best quality specifications Huawei.
    Huawei devices offer the smartest and most exciting tech experiences around.
    Always gives the best

  4. MapapaWow at mapapabili ka talaga sa gnda nitong Huawei, no regrets about this Features, such an amazing product! 👌👌💯

  5. Wow great news , tlga nman isa sa pinaka magandang brand ang huawei . Ang quality and specs , worth to buy ❤️

  6. Impressive. I'm a Huawei user and this is really amazing. I love that the devices are affordable too.


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