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Thursday, October 21, 2021

The new Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four is the first and only staged milk in the Philippines that uses the easy-to-digest A2 milk proteins

For parents, it’s easy to pinpoint their child’s basic needs: a comfortable shelter, healthful food, and warm clothing. But to give them a holistic development that also enriches their emotional health, parents need to take on a more active role in supporting their kids in leading a positive quality of life. This can be achieved through proper guidance and support, alongside good nutrition.


Enfagrow is together with parents in raising the next generation of healthy smart kids with a heart. Bringing this dream to life, the brand recently introduced its newest product — the Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four — which helps boost a child’s emotional and cognitive intelligence, along with better digestive health.


The new Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four is the first and only staged milk in the Philippines that uses the easy-to-digest A2 milk proteins. It is a type of milk protein sourced from rare, grass-fed A2 cows from Europe and New Zealand, known to be easy on children’s stomachs compared to other types of milk with combined milk proteins in the market.


Give children better gut health with the A2 milk protein found in Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four


It also includes brain-building nutrients, MFGM Pro and superior DHA levels to support a child’s educational and emotional development. This means that apart from developing their IQ, children can also understand and regulate their emotions better — helping them establish good relationships with people they interact with.


The Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four is likewise fused with FOS, a type of prebiotic that promote the growth of good bacteria in children. These vitamins back up their digestive regularity to give them wholesome gut health and strengthen their immunity for their overall well-being.


With all these ingredients working together, parents can lay a solid ground for their kids’ learning and emotional health. Along with the unconditional love they give, and the opportunities they provide, they can shape a future led by healthy smart kids with a heart.


To know more about Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four, visit The Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four is available in Mercury Drugstore, leading supermarkets, and online on LazadaShopee, and Enfagrow’s Official Store,


Raise a new generation of healthy, smart kids with a heart with a milk that promotes better emotional and cognitive intelligence and digestive health.





  1. Thats great,And i love that milk for kids and My younger brother ❤️

  2. It's unique features makes me wonder, what it's advantages to other in the market! "All natural A2 Milk protein ,made them standout!

  3. Enfagrow all nurapro four best milk for kids healthy and maganda ang benefits sa katawan , highly recommended ❤️

  4. Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro Philippines tunay na Masustansya at Masarap na sobrang Ganda ng Benefits sa Katawan, really highly recommended..

  5. This is good news. The overall health of the kids are considered especially their digestive health. Highly recommended, healthy and beneficial.

  6. Enfagrow A+ 4 Nurapro is really highly recommended for children's.
    This milk supplement will give the nutrients needed by our children.


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