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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Manulife Philippines has recently launched its newest digital film, "Define the Relationship,"

The Philippine arm of global life insurer Manulife Philippines has recently launched its newest digital film, "Define the Relationship," a tale about two people who do not let relationship labels define them, directed by award-winning filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone. 


The film, which features "We and Us," a song by performer and songwriter Moira Dela Torre, tells the story of two friends who have developed deeper feelings for each other over time but whose relationship status remains a mystery to those around them. Throughout their journey together, the couple seems to have ticked the proverbial boxes – public display of affection, present during each other's milestones, and supportive of each other through life's ups and downs. Define the Relationship begs the question, What kind of future awaits a commitment not bound by labels?


"Amid life's uncertainties, it has become more important to us to be secure about the things that truly matter. Through this film, directed by the very talented Antoinette Jadaone, we offer a fresh, romantic take on how young Filipinos today are more confident and empowered to take charge of their future, especially in finding and choosing to love on their terms," Melissa Henson, Chief Marketing Officer, Manulife Philippines, said. "When a couple takes bold and necessary steps to protect each other and build a future together, we are reminded that it may be all the certainty they need."


In Manulife's latest study, "Know Your Ys and Zs: A Closer Look at the Financial and Mental Well-Being of Filipino Millennials and Gen Zs," these generations recognize the role of financial preparedness to build a secure future and achieve financial peace of mind. 92% of Gen Zs consider buying insurance in the next 1-2 years, and 79% of millennials have become investment-savvy and are looking to grow their money. Such behavioral shift can show how the pandemic has sped up many Filipinos' "adulting" process, as financial protection plays a crucial role in helping secure their future. 


"We at Manulife are always focused on helping our customers protect themselves and their loved ones, no matter their relationship status or where they are in their life journey. As their behaviors and priorities evolve, we also grow with them – helping ease their worries, addressing their unique needs, and genuinely committing to make their every day better," Henson added.  


Define the Relationship is currently streaming on Manulife Philippines' Facebook page and YouTube channel


  1. Thats good opportunity ,And I hope thats more power to this❤️❤️

  2. Being secured and prioritizing things that really matters! I am convinced about one of their goal " Genuinely committing to make their everyday better"

  3. Wow.. i love this kind of Definition totally Agree and so on point. In Manulife Philippines absolutely #ManulifeEverydaybetter 💯💯💙💙 KUDOS TO ALL TEAM

  4. Future's life plan and security will be the best option.
    Yes to Manulife Everyday better.

  5. Wow this is great . become more important to us to be secure about the things that truly matter 😍❤️

  6. This is a nice film, motivating and serves as wake up call. It's nice that there's Manulife which focused on helping the customer's need.


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