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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Tips to keep your skin hydrated everyday

The secret to youthful, glowing skin is really no big secret.  Locking in moisture or keeping your skin hydrated is key in maintaining that dewy, soft, and young-looking complexion. This, of course, is easier said than done. Drinking enough water, following a specific skin care routine and using the right products are just some of the ways to care for your skin and keep it hydrated. 


Ever Organics, the effective and affordable skin care line formulated with organic-based key ingredients, shares these tips to help keep your skin moisturized every day.  


Skip the long, steamy showers. Hot showers and washing your face with warm water can be very relaxing and refreshing. But did you know that long, hot showers can actually strip your skin of moisture, leaving it feeling dry and rough? Instead of using hot water to bathe or wash your face, use lukewarm water instead—and make sure to apply moisturizer while your skin is still wet post-shower.

Drink adequate amount of water. From helping your skin maintain elasticity, to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, drinking lots of water can do amazing things to your skin and your overall health as well. As recommended, drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is the best and most natural way to achieve that glowing, dewy complexion.

Pat your face dry after cleansing. Another simple way to retain your skin’s smooth texture is to change how you dry your skin after cleansing. Instead of rubbing your face dry, try gently patting your face using a soft towel to absorb the water without irritating your skin. Your skin will definitely thank you for this!

Use hydrating skincare products. Products that penetrate through your skin and deliver water are vital, especially if you have dehydrated skin. A good example of this is Ever Organics’ Tomato Glass Skin Gel Lotion. This gel lotion is infused with 95% tomato extract that brightens and revitalizes dry or irritated skin and aids in maintaining a healthy and youthful glow to the skin. Not only that, this gel lotion also contains Lotus Flower extract that has natural anti-aging benefits and Centella Asiatica Extract which is a rich source of amino acids and is a good hydrating ingredient to soothe upset or compromised skin. It is also formulated with Green Tea   and Licorice Root extracts to help prevent acne, itching, irritation, and redness. 

Ever Organics’ products are available on their official Shopee and Lazada stores, and Watsons branches nationwide. Check out Ever Organics on Facebook (, Instagram (@ever_organics), Lazada ( or Shopee (, and checkout their online store (



  1. I'm grateful for this wonderful product. So natural an made with premium quality ingredients.

  2. That was goood maam,And so Healthy ingredients ❤️ And super Worth it gamitin❤️

  3. Wow very interesting and a lot of health benefits.Ever Organics, the effective and affordable skin care line formulated with organic-based key ingredients, shares these tips to help keep your skin moisturized every day.
    Must try this too.

  4. Thank you for sharing this product bukod sa water maganda dn itong product ganda ng benefits sa skin natin 😍❤️

  5. These are helpful tips. This product is interesting, I like that it's affordable and effective.

  6. Wow..looks nice products thanks for sharing this kind of tips, really must try this specially this Pandemic


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