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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Maxicare joined CCAP Serving the World: Contact Islands ‘21 Virtual Conference on Re-Igniting Growth in the New Business Environment

Under the “new normal,” business and healthcare go hand-in-hand as industries recover and adapt to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. To signify its support to the country’s outsourcing sector, Maxicare Healthcare Corporation, the country’s premier healthcare provider, joined the Call Center Association of the Philippines’ (CCAP) Serving the World: Contact Islands ‘21 Virtual Conference on Re-Igniting Growth in the New Business Environment.

During the virtual conference, Maxicare hosted a discussion on how COVID-19 will continue to impact the way businesses operate and how the company has been helping ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees.

Dr. Edsel Salvana of the DOH’s Technical Advisory Group on Infectious diseases discussed the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses and workplaces.

Living with the impact of COVID-19

Maxicare invited Dr. Edsel Salvana, Director of Institute of Biology and Biotechnology and member of the Department of Health’s (DOH) Technical Advisory Group on Infectious Diseases, to provide an overview on the COVID-19 situation in the country. During his talk, Dr. Salvana emphasized the need for innovation in ensuring that workplaces are pandemic-resilient and less likely to spread diseases. “There are a lot of innovations that will outlive the pandemic, including working from home. If you don’t need your entire workforce to be in the office, then taking out half of them and allowing them to work from home will be the most effective.” 

Dr. Salvana also expressed his optimism that businesses will flourish better towards the end of the year as we learn to better cope with the pandemic. “If we stick to public health standards and increase vaccination while reinforcing the healthcare system, we will be able to manage our severe cases and the economy can remain open as we continue to roll out our vaccines. We are already seeing the numbers go down, we ask that everyone cooperates. Make sure that aside from getting vaccinated, wear your masks and face shields especially indoors and stick to what you have been doing in terms of protecting each other.”


Re-igniting businesses through innovative and responsive healthcare services

Maxicare’s Assistant Vice-President for Wellness and Medical Resource and Research Dr. JC Sevilla also shared how they are helping partner companies reignite growth through the Maxicare HomeCare COVID-19 Management Program. 

“We know that early detection is the priority when it comes to COVID-19. Our program, which simulates a hospital admission, provides continuity of care from consultation to treatment with 24/7 telemedicine and telemonitoring. Telemedicine includes consultations with in-house physicians where we also provide electronic prescriptions and lab requests. With telemonitoring, we are able to monitor disease progression. The Maxicare HomeCare program also offers medication including Remdisivir and steroids, as well as ambulance conduction if needed. The program is open for all COVID-19 cases and those qualified cases needing confinement.”

Sylvia Stolk, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer also shared how Maxicare is investing in technology to transform healthcare. “Access to basic health services is very important. We are helping businesses by making sure our members are healthy through protection, care continuity and easy access to healthcare, and understanding our members’ state of health through proactive, preventive, and predictive care.” 

“Even before the pandemic, Maxicare already began to strengthen its customer experience vision and principles, where most of the member journey and digital transformation projects are anchored,” said Fiona Victoria SAVP/Group Head of Corporate Sales. 

Some of these digital initiatives include the Maxicare Member Gateway platform for applying for Letter of Authorization (LOA) online, Maxicare Videoconsult for 24/7 video consultations with doctors, and the HR Viewpoint and Enroll Me platforms for human resource personnel. During the first months of the pandemic, Maxicare was also at the forefront of ensuring a manageable return to work process with the Re-Entry Assessment and Management Program. They were also one of the first companies to invest in COVID-19 vaccines, making it available to their corporate partners and their members, including dependents.

“Reigniting the growth of our company, Maxicare, means we are prepared to extend excellent patient service on top of medical care. Re-igniting our progress means being able to map our customer’s journey from their onboarding to their post-medical needs,” added Victoria. 

To know more about Maxicare and its products and services, call their 24/7 hotline 8582-1900.


  1. Maxicare is one of the best and trusted brand for medical needs.
    Helps a lot especially this time of pandemic.
    Good to hear that they have great initiative to Re-Igniting Growth in the New Business Environment.

  2. Great news very helpful tlga ito lalo na sa panahon ngayon . Access to basic health services is very important.❤️

  3. I'm impressed with how maxicare adapt to this pandemic and came up with these innovations to make their services digital which is very convenient. Kudos for continuously improving its services


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